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Laser Tag Business 101


How to Start Your Laser Tag Business. Just do it!

Ok, you might be asking yourself how do I start my own laser tag business... and actually make money from it.  

There's a lot of hype around starting a new attractions business -- starting a trampoline park, starting a mini-golf business, starting a bowling alley, or starting an archery tag business. 

And, why not? 

Starting a side-business, or expanding your small business to supplement your family's income makes sense. This is your chance to use our Innovative Laser Tag Guns & Accessories to launch or grow your business. We've compiled some useful resources for your startup. If you find these resources useful & would like to get free updates every month, then subscribe to our newsletter "Lock n Load". 

Laser Tag Business

Laser Tag Business 101: Smart Resources For You

Smart business owners are not only busy, and know-how to generate cash flow.

Here's the deal.

If you want to start a small laser tag business, then you NEED the best technology. 

It is your competitive advantage. 

But when's the best time to get started? 

Right now! 

Don't wait for things to be perfect. 

Start living your dreams now. 


How to build a mobile laser tag business the right way. 

Here are some useful resources we've collected for you

How Much Space Do You Need to Play Laser Tag?

Find out how much space it takes to set up and play laser tag. There are several things to consider when you are trying to answer the question "home much space is needed to play laser tag". Get the startup resources, click here

Entrepreneurship at Play 

Starting a business can be challenging. From growing up in a family of civil servants to innovating outdoor laser tag and starting laser tag export business was a bit out of left field. Get 4 top tips on how to start your own laser tag business, here


What the Gamers are Saying about this Laser Tag System 

Hear what the players are saying about the new generation laser tag system, SATR3. Players love the new generation laser tag system, SATR3. Watch and read there gamer reviews here.


Conduct a Laser Tag Feasibility Study

To find out if the business case stands up and offers a return on investment it is a good idea to conduct a laser tag feasibility study. Read this blog about running a laser tag feasibility study, click here


laser tag feasibility study

Do You Have The Personality to Start a Laser Tag Business? 

Ask Yourself, Do You Have the Right Personality to Start a Laser Tag Business? Are you a social person? Can you see yourself thriving within a fast‐paced environment? Do you like Kids & Teens? Are you a good coach? Find out if starting a laser tag business is right for you, click here

Put the Grand into your Grand Opening 

How to Boom your Business from the Start. Getting your grand opening right could kick-start your laser tag business. It is a great way to help you get known in your market. Read all about it in this blog post, click here


How much to charge for a ticket? 

In order for your Battlefield Business to be sustainable, you need to price your tickets for profit. Read the startup resource regarding working out how much to charge for laser tag tickets, click here


laser tag ticket pricing

Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream: Go Out & Start Creating.

There is a risk associated with starting your own business. Sure there is. But there is also the risk of regret. As the Holstee team says: "Some Opportunities only come Once, Seize Them." Check out this blog post about living your dream, click here


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