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Live Gaming Innovation 

Engineered For Heroes

Battlefield Sports Brings You Laser Tag Innovation

It is our innovation and technical excellence that sets Battlefield Sports apart.

We combine technology with stunning design to create a thrilling live gaming experience.

Battlefield Sports' patented SATR technology allow the battlefield operator to control how simple, or how complex, a game experience you want.

Our unique laser tag equipment system enables you to easily, by just turning the gaming gun on and selecting your choice from a series of menus, to control the way you play.

And then you can "set & forget" as your last configuration will be there again next time your turn on your equipment.

Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment is engineered to perform every time. For every game, and every gamer. Battlefield Sports is engineered for heroes.

Impressed with the Robustness

After conducting a lot of research in this area we identified Battlefield Sports as a suitable provider for this unique [laser tag] equipment. After deploying it in weather extremes through the South West of Queensland, we were and still are impressed with the robustness and ease of use of the taggers. When we purchased the SATR equipment we have since found the continual development and upgrades to the product, have actually grown with us.
Clint, Dalby, AU