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Combat Entertainment Industry Fact Sheets

As the market leader in the burgeoning industry of live gaming, Battlefield Sports™ has created a series of fact sheets as a resource for you. We divide them into business model types: mobile, forest, indoors or combined. This page also has an index to other useful resources.

Battlefield Sports laser tag system "SATR" is patented technology. 

Live gaming has become popular over the last several years, in fact it is one of the major trends in paintball to add laser tag. 

The SATR system is design to what to see is what you get (WYSIWYG) as well as what you hear is what you get. This laser tag system is portable and turn-key. You can use the complex settings for lost of different configurations or you can streamline it and lock it in so you can litterally turn the key and start blasting. 

Other laser tag systems score their players from very to last. Battlefield Sports, however, believes in victory as a team. That's why we believe individual rankings are bad for business. 


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User Guide

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