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Indoor Laser Tag

Indoor Laser Tag Equipment & Gaming Guns

A sophisticated, new concept: Battlefield LIVE™ is a combat entertainment experience like no other.

Our patented technology gives you real-time statistics just like a LIVE video game. No waiting for a print out means high throughput.

This is ain't your Grand-pa's Laser Tag. It is live gaming taken indoors.

Tried & Tested

I've been away for a little while so didn't get chance to mail you, but just to let you know all the laser tag guns are tried and tested and are working spot on. I'm very pleased with them. Got my first game going this weekend. Give me a shout if your up in Bristol for football or any other reason and we'll have to go for a beer! Cheers
Chris, Somerset, England, UK

Imagine, offering gamers fully licensed bars, DJ music, disco lighting, pool tables & sports telecasts. Battlefield LIVE™ is not only unique but also downright cool!

We recommend that the Scorpion model is a good place to start.

Take the game indoors for the perfect location for a corporate team building function, product launch, team building event, cocktail party, bar mitzvah, birthday party or just a great night out.

Your Ticket to a New Attraction

Battlefield LIVE suits indoor deployments from small fire teams to huge platoon engagements. This brand of combat entertainment is ideal for:

  • Family Entertainment Centers and Bowling Alleys. Family Entertainment Centers or Theme-Parks as a bolt-on
  • Stand-Alone. Set within a warehouse or some other commercial space e.g. on the perimeter of a shopping center.

Battlefield LIVE indoor gaming is a significant departure from yesterday’s indoor laser tag. Unlike old fashioned indoor Laser Tag there are no “individual rankings” or score sheets. Rather gamers can check out their own statistics in real-time.


Phasers (gaming guns): Unlike traditional indoor laser tag we have a variety of phaser models. We've designs/models to suit different age groups. All with the patented SATR technology.

Gaming Inflatables: We make full-sized inflatable doorways, windows, walls, pillboxes & more. All clip together to form a portable & authentic arena for thrilling indoor gaming.

No On-Going Fees: You get innovative technology, robust gaming guns made from high-grade aluminum & stainless steel, giving you a lower cost of ownership, and all royalty FREE.

Battlefield Sports has created gaming inflatables which can create a visually stunning 3D combat arena. No more sneaking around in the dark with lots of neon. The full-sized inflatable doorways, windows, walls, pillboxes have authentic skins and clip together to form a portable arena. Now your gamers can experience room-clearing and close quarters combat inside a maze that can be easily re-designed. You can adjust the terrain to suit the scenario, or event theme, or just so the combat entertainment experience is always fresh. A vital advantage, from an operator’s perspective, is the ability to re-deploy (move) the entire battlefield, if needed, to new premises.

One of the major weaknesses of the old indoor Laser Tag model was the problems of trying to move a maze when the business had to change premises due to expansion, downsizing or failure to renew lease on existing premises.

The old style indoor systems with one model "dumbed down" to the lowest common denominator are no longer good enough for the new breed of sophisticated gamers. Gamers expect a range of models with characteristics that are "realistic" for each. Gaming has become very focused on team games and mission objectives; this is a key departure from old fashioned individual scoring usually found in traditional laser tag indoor arenas.  

The current trend in theming of movies and live action games is towards modern and near future genres rather than far future, this trend is providing another driver towards the more "realistic" style of play encompassed in Battlefield LIVE™. The introduction of realistic weight and balance has tremendous appeal to a new generation brought up on very realistic video games. Our gear is great for indoor milsim.

Digital Small Arms Transmitter Receiver System

With the introduction of our new SATR™ system, Battlefield Sports now supports indoor live gaming even better. SATR has a software configured indoor mode than radically reduces infrared ricochets. The ability of SATR to perform global digital radio controlled start, stop, pause and resume means SATR gives the CO additional control to speed center through put.

Indoor gamers love SATR's key feature in any environment, real time hit feedback via the shooters gun with real time on gun statistics. Statistics includes hits made, kills made and accuracy percentage.

SATR can be configured to eliminate friendly fire, this is valuable when you have a high gamer to space ratio typical of an indoor battlefield.