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Increase Bookings: Add Laser Tag

Does This Sound Familiar? 

You have a brilliant facility and currently run a variety of events or you offer a terrific mobile party service but you are not getting enough bookings. 

Sound familiar? 

If I ask "Do you want more event bookings at your place?" and your answer is "Heck! Yes!"

Then read on... 

laser tag is a terrific team building activity
Many small and medium sized businesses aim to boost the number of event bookings. 

Your job as an entertainment organization is to deliver experiences that your customers want.

Add A New Attraction That Your Customers Really Want

A sure-fire way to boost your bookings is to deliver the types of events that your customers want. 

For example a laser tag attraction can offer players a way to experience video games live. More, if you can deliver games that replicate the excitement of "Fortnite for Real" then gamers will love you.

Laser tag also scales up well to cater for very large groups.

Blog About Your New Attraction

If you add a new laser tag attraction to your facility or add some new games to your mobile party business then write it about on your blog. 

Blogs with images, videos, even sounds of your players enjoying themselves will entice more people to book.

Email Your Database About It

Another way the SMEs can re-ignite their database of customers is by emailing past event organizers. Let your past customers know that your business has a brand new attraction for them.

Leverage Your Social Media Channels

Using social media channels is another great way to let your customers and prospects know about your new attraction.

If you operate more than one venue then consider creating a Facebook pages for each. That way your players can "check in" when they come and play. Then their friends and associates will see the event being hosted at your venue. It is the power of digital networking also known as free advertising!

Keep Up With The News

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