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Action Gaming: In-Game Perks

In an action adventure game like Battlefield LIVE accessing in game perks levels up the game play excitement. 


Bandolier! You now have double the number of ammunition reloads. 

Body Armor 

Body Armor! You have gained an additional 2 points of damage resistance against all attacks. 

Last Stand 

Last Stand! With your last breath,you can keep fighting with a colt M-1911 automatically loading pistol. 

Crack Shot  

Crack Shot! Your range has been increased.Protection Protection! You can’t be hit for the next 5 seconds. 

Fast Reload 

Fast Reload! You reload time is halved 

Steady Aim 

Steady Aim! Recoil through the scope is disabled. 


Stealth! Your weapon has no muzzle flash and has a sound suppressor. 

Stopping Power

Stopping Power! One shot kill! Super Mag Super Mag! Your magazine capacity has doubled. 


Scavenger! Every kill you make restores your reloads back to full. .