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Action Gaming: In-Game Perks

In an action-adventure game like live gaming scenarios accessing in-game perks levels up the gameplay excitement. 


"Bandolier! You now have double the number of ammunition reloads."

  • Double the number of magazines in the Current slot. With this perk, the number of magazines available at the time of receiving the perk = magazines left + number of starting magazines.

Body Armor 

"Body Armor! You have gained an additional 2 points of damage resistance against all attacks."

  • Gain 2 extra temporary DR against all types of attacks.

Last Stand 

"Last Stand! With your last breath, you can keep fighting with a colt M-1911 auto-loading pistol."

  • When first reduced to 0 or less hit points, the player is not dead unless they take one more hit.  Instead their weapon emulation temporarily changes to the default pistol.

Crack Shot  

"Crack Shot! Your range has been increased."

  • Increase range category by one. If range already set to long, disable the recoil.


"Protection! You can’t be hit for the next 10 seconds."

  • 10  seconds of invulnerability, cannot be hit during this period.

Fast Reload 

"Fast Reload! Your reload time is halved "

  • Reload time halved for all weapons.

Steady Aim 

"Steady Aim! Recoil through the scope is disabled."

  • No Recoil meaning the red dot stays on even when shooting for all weapons.


"Stealth! Your weapon has no muzzle flash and has a sound suppressor."

  •  No Muzzle Flash and sound volume reduced.

Stopping Power

"Stopping Power! One-shot kill!" 

  • Changes the weapon damage to 25 in the primary weapon

Super Mag 

"Super Mag! Your magazine capacity has doubled." 

  • Magazine capacity doubled for the current weapon


"Scavenger! Every kill you make restores your reloads back to full."

  • Each kill restores all spent magazines back to the starting value for all weapons.

Zombie Gamer Perks 

Super Strength

"Super Strength! Your health has been doubled!"

  • Double the current hit points

Fast Reload

"Fast Reload! Your reload time has been halved."
  • Reload time reduced by 50%

Double Tap

"Double Tap! Each shot you fire sends two shots downrange."
  • Fires two shots for each shot recorded.   Shots are 100ms apart so on an ultra-realistic hit rate of 0.1 seconds, a target can be hit twice.

Dead Shot

"Dead Shot! Recoil through the scope is disabled."
  • No Recoil.


"Reincarnation! Keep your current perk when you respawn."
  • Retain perk on the next respawns.  This perk is in addition to any other perk the gaming gun might have so this is the exception to the rule of one perk at a time.