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How To Start A Business Using Laser Tag Equipment

It is not just a business. It is an experience. It's a lifestyle. 

Starting a laser tag business is a dream of many. If you have ever considered starting your own business and love working with people, and working within a supportive and enthusiastic group, then owning a Battlefield business might just be your next great adventure.

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Here you will find an exact step-by-step guide of how to start a business using our Laser Tag equipment. In fact we have written a start-up checklist for you. 

We have helped hundreds of businesses start up and / or expand their business in more than 50 countries.

Robert L ,The Collary Centre (Salvation Army) Conferences & School Camps
"If you are considering starting a laser tag business I would say: Know your purpose and do your research. Battlefield Sports is the best on the market in terms of weapon emulation and configuration, by far. What I like best is its scalability for a wide variety of ages. I can keep it simple for 6-7 year olds, or make it more challenging for adults. The "Laser Tag" language is great for keeping everything family friendly. Thank you for always being available for assistance when required. Special thanks to Canditta & Adam for the support!"

salvation arym

Laser Tag Equipment For A Business Start-Up

In 2019 we are celebrating 20 years in the combat entertainment industry, Battlefield Sports offers a step-by-step guide to how to start a business for mobile, indoor, outdoor or zombie laser tag. We are an innovation-focused Laser Tag supplier with one mission: 

  • To Create Better Games For Your Customers With Less Staff
laser tag start up

Laser Tag Equipment For Business

It is a simple step by step guide for entrepreneurs on how to successfully start a business in seven steps.

Nicole Lander, co-Founder of Battlefield Sports, is delighted about being able to offer advice on the start-up process for new entrepreneurs and small business owners.

"The process of starting a new business can be exhilarating but confusing, but it can actually be broken down into seven simple steps. Actually it's simpler than many battlefield business operators think," said Nicole.

Great Support

Great equipment and great support. I like the laser tag equipment's longevity.
Scott, Jamaica

How to Start a Business: Step 1.
Choose Your Business Name.

If you are expanding a business, then you likely will already have a business name. Some of our customers have kept their business name when adding a new profit center. For example, one Battlefield Business operator had run his "Challenge Paintball" business for many years and then added "Challenge Laser". Once you've chosen your business name you'll need to check that it is not already taken. Many governments around the world nowadays enable you to check if the name is already trademarked by someone else online. If it is available, trademark it! (Depending on where you are this is going to cost a bit of money, and take a bit of time, but it is well worth it.) Please note that Battlefield Sports has several of its own trademarks such as: Battlefield LIVE, Laser Skirmish Ready, Aim... Fun! and Laser Tag in a Box and of course SATR. Also you'll want to check with the domain name e.g. is available. If it is buy it!

How to Start a Business: Step 2.
Choose Your Business Home.

You'll need to consider where you domicile your business, or in other words where you official business address will be. If you are starting your business in the USA, then most business owners choose to incorporate their business in the State they hold business in, but there are a few States with incorporation perks that small business owners might not know about. Nevada is famous for having no state or franchise taxes for corporations, and Delaware has no personal income tax for non-residents. Something to consider.

how to start a business using laser tag equipment How to Start a Business: Step 3.
Select your Business Model.

Are you planning to incorporate your business? That is are you planning to become a company or simply operate as a sole trader? Laws are different around the world, as are tax implications, so get local advice on what's best for your situation.

Business Success

Battlefield Sports is at the forefront of their industry. Having created a new sport of Battlefield LIVE, and their innovations, made them an obvious choice to appear on the show, "Business Success."
Andrew Vincent, Executive Producer Business Succes

How to Start a Business: Step 4.
Choose your Laser Tag Equipment Supplier.

Decide if you are going to run a mobile laser tag business, and indoor laser tag arena, an outdoor laser skirmish operation, or a zombie games business. Or a combination of these. Then determine how many people you'll like to cater for at once. We recommend that the minimum number of gaming guns you'll know for a mobile laser tag as a part-time weekend business is 12. The minimum number of an indoor arena is 24 and the minimum number of a stand-alone outdoor battlefield is 48. What else do I need you may ask? Well when I go out to the battlefield I take 10% spares. This covers extra gamers who turn up but weren't booked. Also, each battlefield needs 2 x Battle Boxes -- the computer inside the box enables the gamers to re-activate (or respawn) themselves at their base. Each battlefield needs a Master Controller -- this turns all the gear on, sets the game duration and lots of other cool stuff. If you are planning on running Domination Games (one of my favorites!) then you'll need a Domination Box. Because our system doesn't use vests (also known as Battle Suits) we did away with them because we found gamers today are all different shapes and sizes! So instead we have a twirly cable which connects the head-sensors. Each gaming gun you order comes with integrated sensors. The head-sensors are attached to a headband and then the headband goes over a hat or bandanna for quick through-put. (Some might suggest wireless head sensors are the way to go, from practical experience I know that gamers can misplace them. Imagine a player running through the forest or round a dark maze, then they drop the head sensors. Or say a gamer wants to swap the model of gaming gun they are using from one game to the next. Well, then you'll need to find the missing sensor and re-twin them with the gun. Sounds like a nightmare to me! Worse it could slow down your through-put. IN other words you could get less games completed per hour, and therefore earning less money.)

Batteries. Guess what? The battery IS included. They are re-chargable. Depending on which model you select will determine which type of battery is including. We also recommend getting one spares kit for each 10 gaming gun you order.

Almost Doubled our Revenue Year on Year

Battlefield Sports offer heavy duty gaming guns, for play both indoors or outdoors. We have been operating for more than 5 years, and 100% of our gaming guns are still working well, even with more than 70,000 hours in battle. There is no other product in the market with this reliability, the most important thing for an operator. We operate from children parties up to team building for companies. We have almost doubled our revenue from one year to the other.
Carlos M, Chile

How to Start a Business: Step 5.

I know it sounds obvious but it is a must to work out how much is in your budget to start or expand your business. How are you going to pay for it all? Are you using personal savings? Bank finance? Or some other funds? When planning your start-up costs include insurance costs, most landlords nowadays demand Public Liability Insurance. If this is the first time you are starting a business then one of the very first things to do is to separate out your personal money and your business money. Opening a business bank account so you can deposit your business income into it and pay for your business expenses out of it is a must.

How to Start a Business: Step 6.
Location. Location. Location.

Having a great location can be a defining factor to business success. In my book "Right on Target" I run through the "3-Ps" of setting up a battlefield. Somewhere to play. Somewhere to park. And somewhere to "pee!"

How to Start a Business: Step 7.
Marketing & Promotions

You are in business for yourself but not alone, Battlefield Sports™ executives are behind you every step of the way. While local market nuances will vary from country to country, even county to county Battlefield Sports has an online resource call the Battlefield Sports University, which has lost of useful stuff for you from press release templates for your grand opening to high res images. Our team is here to give you new business ideas, seven simple steps to start up your business, whether it is a home based business or a major theme park and attraction.

Based on our years of experience we have good ideas and guidelines for starting a small business and getting it growing. Our new combat entertainment is the very latest home based business ideas. It is underpinned by the current business trends in information technology.

"Battlefield Sports is here to help you to start a business or expand your business using laser tag equipment," said Nicole.

Strong Presence in Europe

I recommend Battlefield Sports out of Australia. They have a strong presence in Europe and would be able to service your gaming needs very well. Their equipment is quality.
Jim, Michigan USA

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