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How to Set a Mobile Laser Tag Event - Inflatable Field

This example of a mobile laser tag evert which has up to 20 gamers at a time playing.

In this example we have 10 blue Cobras and 10 red Cobras. We actually packed 22 units (10% spares).

In this example inflatable field our "instant" maze we had:

  • 8 windows
  • 8 doors
  • 4 cones
  • 4 bricks
  • 6 bunkers


This would enable you 120 per hour throughput. If you charge $5 for 5 minute that would be approximately $600 per hour at full capacity. A second set of gaming guns can boost the throughput to 170 or 180 gamers per hour. Because you could get through a game roughly every 7 minutes since you would be kitting out one group of gamers, while the first group were playing.

Using the SATR System set all gaming guns to "HARD" mode if you have SATR version 1.6 or if you have SATR version 2.0 you can set the units to “Laser Tag Set Team Blue/Red”. Both settings are similar and work well for tight terrains.

How to set your Gaming Guns to HARD Mode v1.6 (set with the key)

Here's how to set the gaming guns to Hard Mode if you have SATR v1.6.

  • Switch the gaming gun with the key (1/4 clockwise) to turn the unit on.
  • Push the left (red) button this will take you to the menu for selecting difficulty level, weapon emulation, reloads, head and language.
  • Push the left (red) button to scroll down through the menu options or the right (black) button to scroll up. Pull the trigger to make your selection.
  • So you turn on the gaming gun and push the left (red) button once and the first menu screen you will see is "Difficulty" and the first option is "standard". Press the red button twice to get the "hard" option. Pull the trigger to lock this option in. Pull the trigger a few more times (about 6) to pass through the other option that you don't need to change till you hear "Game Start". Your gaming gun is now ready.
Reloads Hit Intervals Hit Points Recoil
Limited/no automatic reloads - gamers must press the left (red) button to reload Minimum time between hits - half a second Default health - 3HP Recoil simulation (which turns off the scope power) yes, duration depends on weapon emulation


Laser Tag Teams if you have SATR v2.0 (set with the Master Controller)

  • Turn the Master Controller on with the key (1/4 clockwise)
  • press the left (red) button once
  • pull the trigger till you see "Set Language" menu. The default is US English FEMALE but you want to change this.
  • Press the left (red) button until you see "Laser Tag"
  • pull the trigger to lock in this selection.
  • Then you should see "IR COMMANDS" on the display, press the red button until the cursor is pointing to "SETTINGS"
  • Pull trigger to select "Set Team?"
  • Press the left (red) button to scroll till you see "SET BLU TEAM (IR)"
  • Pull trigger to select and shoot all the units that are allocated to the blue team.
  • Make sure that red team gaming guns are off or out of rang.
  • Then repeat the process for the red team.
  • When you tag the units the gaming gun's head sensor will flash, so you know the unit has received the signal.
  • This will automatically set the HP to 5.

OPTIONAL NEXT STEP if you want to change to HP3

  • Scroll through the Master Controller's menu's to "Set Health?"

  • The default for this theme is HP5.

  • Press the left (red) button to scroll to change to 3

  • Pull the trigger to lock in this selection

  • shoot the units you want to change from HP5 to HP3.

The idea with 3HP means that the gamers can be deactivated in one and half seconds. This works really well in such as small battlefield. This way the gamers are fast and fun.


Reloads Hit Intervals Hit Points Recoil
Unlimited/automatic reloads Minimum time between hits - half a second

Default health - 5HP

Option to change to 3HP

Recoil simulation is off


Inflatable Field Set UP

The game we normally play is "Domination" aka "Capture & Hold". For instructions on how to run this game, download our free Basic Games Handbook.

The hero inflatables are much larger than the Coleman inflatables.

There is a series of rooms in the central area of the battlefield with Coleman’s around the perimeter.

Place a two windows perpendicular to form an L-Shape and place two doors perpendicular to form a 4 sided room.

Or you could have a window and a wall and 2 doors.

Sometimes you can place the smaller Coleman inflatables inside the rooms to make the maze even tighter. You can imagine that these are like "furniture".

Don't spread out the inflatables too far apart from one another, even if you have a large field to play on.

The gap between one inflatable room and the next should not be more than 2 meters (6 feet).

Place the Red Team medic box (base station) out of direct line of sight from the Blue Team's base.

Gamers get unlimited re-spawns during the game.

In this video the field is set out a bit like a triangle with the objective the "game box" at the opposite end of the field (also out of sight of the gamers from their starting point).