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How To Set Up A Mobile Laser Tag Event - Pop-Up Inflatable Field

This example of a mobile laser tag event which has up to 20 gamers at a time playing.

In this example we have 10 Cobras Laser Taggers on the blue team and 10 Cobras Taggers on the red team. We actually packed 22 units (10% spares).

At a minimum, one shape per player is required.  Two shapes per gamer is even better!

If space allows have the shapes a couple of meters (about 6 feet) apart.  

Large and medium brick shapes are the best building block for a Laser Tag pop-up field as they are a good balance between stability, weight and the amount of cover they provide the players.

mobile laser tag
For older gamers, a few inflatable building structures using hero inflatables near the center of the field improves the experience.

This structures are not suitable for younger gamers as they create a collision risk. It is very important that the rule about not running through doorways or around corners is enforced.



This would enable you 120 per hour throughput. If you charge $5 for 5 minute that would be approximately $600 per hour at full capacity. A second set of gaming guns can boost the throughput to 170 or 180 gamers per hour.

Because you could get through a game roughly every 7 minutes since you would be kitting out one group of gamers, while the first group were playing.

Mobile Laser Tag Using SATR3

A step by step operations guide is available for download from the Battlefield Sports University. 

This guide includes marketing, web site recommendations, configuring all the SATR3 mobile laser tag equipment and how to run the following games:

Using the inflatables is also covered in the Battlefield Sports operations guide.

mobile laser tag pop-up maze

What Theme is Best For Mobile Laser Tag Events? 

With SATR3 you have a choice of gaming themes for your equipment.  

For mobile operations the most common themes are:

Battlefield ROYALE theme is inspired by the first-person shooter video games like Fortnite and PUBG. It is aimed at more gamers aged 10 and over. A Domination game with a couple of supply crates is recommended. It is easy to run from an Operator's point of view. And it is intuitive from a player's point of view.

Battlefield TAG is more like traditional science fiction themed laser tag and is therefore suitable for schools and younger children.


Generally, with mobile operations, especially inflatables, the engagement is close quarters.  For safety it is best if the gamers that expose themselves to fire are quickly "killed" (or deactivated in Battlefield TAG terminology) so they don’t get too close to the opposition players.  

The best way to achieve this is to use a low hit rate.  

The hit rate is the minimum time between hits, the lower the hit rate, the harder the simulation. The hit rate can be set as low as 1/10 of a second or as high as 2 seconds. For mobile events we recommend 0.5 second hit rate.   

It is important to manage the players so to avoid high speed collisions. Gamers are not to move the inflatables (or any other objects placed to provide cover). Make sure gamers do no jump over cover of any type.

If running in small areas, enforce a no running rule. In larger areas, with the inflatables more spread out, enforce a no running rule near inflatable objects. Make sure gamers do no run into, jump on or over any inflatable object. 

Mobile Laser Tag: Inflatable Field Set Up 

The game we normally play is "Domination" also know as "Capture & Hold". For instructions on how to run this game, download our free Basic Games Handbook.The hero inflatables consist of walls, doorways and window sections that are connected together to form small buildings. This are not recommended for younger players where you need to spread them out to reduce the risk of collisions.

Hero inflatables are positioned in the central area and inside them is placed the domination box.If using supply crates, locate these centrally, one on the left flank and one on the right, they act as secondary objectives.The bricks are spread across the field with a gap of 2 meters (6 feet)  between each.

Sometimes you can place the brick inflatables inside the rooms to make the maze even tighter. You can imagine that these are like "furniture".

Don't spread out the inflatables too far apart from one another, even if you have a large field to play on.   

Better to reduce the size of the field that having gaps of more than 5 meters between each inflatable.Place the Red Team medic box (base station) out of direct line of sight from the Blue Team's base.

Gamers get unlimited re-spawns during the game.In this video the field is set out a bit like a triangle with the objective the "game box" at the opposite end of the field (also out of sight of the gamers from their starting point).

Discover if you are ready to start or expand your mobile laser tag biz, take the Adventure Quiz.