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Right on Target

How to Start, have fun and make money with a live gaming business

by Nicole Lander and Peter Lander.

right on target book For more than 10 years, authors Peter and Nicole Lander have immersed themselves in the live gaming industry.

The $10 billion video gaming industry is now the second-largest segment of the entertainment industry in the United States, outstripping film and far surpassing books.

With the advent of Wii's popularity, and the explosion of live gaming venues across the globe, interactive gaming is the next generation in gaming.

Insiders, the Landers let you in on how to get started in this fascinating new industry.
"Right on Target" is a "how-to" book for learning to make money from live gaming. While not a franchise, the book includes information on setting up, insurance, marketing, and even a section on mission tactics.

Nicole and Peter Lander, co-founders of  Battlefield Sports, are world experts on the latest innovation in active entertainment. They have helped hundreds of gaming entrepreneurs start their own business and entertained tens of  thousands of gamers at their showcase battlefields in Australia.

The Landers walk you through all the steps; from the first spark of an idea of starting your own business to the grand-opening strategy.

Valued at $29.95 get your copy today, request an obligation free consultation and we will email you a copy.


I couldn't have achieved half the things I did in five months without your book.
Todd, Peterlee, UK