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Experience Video Games LIVE With Commercial Laser Tag Equipment

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    SATR3 offers 12 Genres: 1. Milsim "Battlefield LIVE" or 2. Laser Tag "Battlefield TAG" or 3. Zombies "Battlefield UNDEAD". Click for more! 

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    Award Winning Tech. Indoors or outdoors! Fast & easy installation. Innovating since 1999. Quality Laser Tag Guns - SMGs to Rifles.

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    Laser Tag Equipment

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    Real-time gotcha. Real-time game stats. 100% eye safe. No mask, no vest. No kidding! Get the gamers raving about you.

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Simple, Powerful Laser Tag Equipment Made For Business

Battlefield Sports™ makes live gaming equipment for entertainment. Delivering live gaming experiences and supplying laser tag equipment to businesses and consumers in more than 50 countries. 

Our mission is to enable gamers to experience video games live. Live Gaming is a blend of advanced optoelectronics, game strategy and thrills. This is the next generation of live gaming - be a part of the action. This is a universal live action role play gaming system. 

The laser tag system is 100% portable. It is a turnkey solution. In fact, there is no complicated installation. You literally key the equipment on with the key and you can start gaming. 

New Digital Laser Tag System "SATR3"

Our patented system is called “SATR” (which stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver). You can take advantage of our 3rd generation of this digital system. SATR3 is a multi-genre gaming platform. There are 12 genres from fantasy to American Civil War, from combat sim to zombie games. The laser tag system uses digital infrared & digital radio with authentic light & sound effects. It has real-time hit feedback. So you know when you’ve got ‘em. The system gives you light and sound effects. Real-time game statistics like K/D ratio (Kill/Death Ratio) and Accuracy Percentage and many more. The live gaming system consists of emulations, character templates and game perks. 

An emulation is software support for the representation of the behavior or characteristics of weapons, spells, potions, and shields. More than 300 emulations are supported. The characters are pre-defined for quick game set-up, characters include rogue, soldier, to name a few. The system also has perks which are in-game random player upgrades for instance, steady-aim, stealth and invulnerability. 

Watch the video about our new laser tag system

Resources for Operators of Live Gaming Businesses

Battlefield Sports offers lots of resources for battlefield operators to help you run Your Battlefield Business. Resources include: Battlefield Sports University, Live Gaming Training, Monthly Newsletter: Lock n Load, and more, click here to find out more about business resources.

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Commercial Laser Tag Equipment Built Tough

Building laser tag guns that are robust and are flexible for your business needs. Our laser tag guns and accessories provide a compelling live gaming experience. Live gaming (live action role playing) is a powerful force in creating a more active and engaged gamer generation. With our laser tag equipment you can play indoors or outdoors, day or night. 

Our world famous patented live gaming technology is the laser tag supplier of choice for more than 500 customers across 54 countries. We believe in: 

  • • an innovative spirit
  • • a zest for creating thrilling memories, memories that will last a lifetime 
  • • passion, determination and drive towards helping battlefield owners start their dream business.

Our motto is: "You’ve seen the movies, you’ve played the games, now…… LIVE ‘em"


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Creating Fun Since 1999 With Our Innovative Laser Tag System

Battlefield Sports has been innovating since 1999.  By listening to our customers and gamers this laser tag equipment is on trend. Yes, we operate our own local battlefields so you can benefit from our field experience. Have you, or your kids, played FORTNITE? Just released is our new software version that supports Battle Royale LIVE. Using a battle prop in the center of your arena or forest playing area over time as the game goes on the gaming area shrinks. Players can play individually or as teams. Just like in the video game gamers can play solo, in duos, or squads. [Read more about Battle Royale LIVE, click here]