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Lift Your Sales & Boost Bookings: Create Thrilling Games With Less Staff

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Live Game Equipment Working For You

[PLAY ANYWHERE] This gear can work both indoors or outdoors, in a fixed venue or on the road. This means you don't need to have a different set of laser taggers for different terrain. You can effortlessly re-configure the laser tag equipment with a quick zap of a Master Controller.

[ENGAGE YOUR PLAYERS] This technology can scale. Sure, it works well for small groups of 4 or 6, but if you have a big group of 100 or 200 (or more!) & you want to engage them, then it can do that for you, too.

[BOOST YOUR BOOKINGS] If you are asking yourself "How much money can I make in a laser tag business?" Then check out our free online revenue calculator for the answer! 

Real Case Studies, Real Results, Real ROI

Brilliant results! Battlefield Operators have achieved incredible, revenue-shifting results. Designed for adventure parks, summer camps, paintball fields, and people just like you!

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Laser Tag and Adventure parks

Adventure Parks & Laser Tag
[AUSTRALIA] The country's largest Horse Riding "Glenworth Valley" added Laser Tag to their adventure park.

Zombie Laser Tag at Thorpe Park

Zombie Laser Tag at Thorpe Park
[UNITED KINGDOM] Thorpe Park in the UK created an interactive scare with Zombie Laser Tag, and they're not the only ones. 

Paintball Fields add laser tag

Paintball Fields add Laser Tag
[DENMARK] Eight years of success, discover how laser tag has helped grow the "Shoot To Thrill" paintball business. 


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Simple, Powerful Commercial Laser Tag Equipment

Here's What You Get:

  • Built Tough: Advanced, powerful & commercial-grade laser tag equipment which enables you to create games for your customers with less staff.
  • On Trend: Equipment that's designed to THRILL your players with games like "Battle Royale" (Fortnite for Real) and "Electronic Capture The Flag" and many more!
  • Bulletproof Guarantee: We offer you a satisfaction guarantee: we will create a personalized plan for your business. We will work with you in a 1-on-1 discovery session. We work with you to create a bespoke laser tag package that suits your business plans. Then your laser tag equipment will be custom made to order.  


 Support: The Battlefield Sports University, a 24/7 online portal full of resources, like training videos, game run sheets, image library & more.

Booking Software: Battlefield HQ, a free download so you can track your bookings, calculate your ticket price, manage arsenal capacity & more.


Meet Graham: He Runs A UK Family Business

"I'm Graham and we run Battlefield LIVE in East Anglia, so we cover Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex across three sites. As well as myself, and my son, and my brother, so we're a real family business. And the next generation is coming through to take over that's the theory. So we're really quite happy with what's been going on. We've been doing this since about 2011 and it gets busier and busier every year. Well, we tested a number [of laser tag suppliers] in the market before we started and this was the most reliable and rugged of everything, it just keeps going the repairs are minimal. It will take a bashing from any kind of weather, any kind of conditions, and it just keeps going. In game play what you need is equipment to be reliable the last thing we want is children party goers coming to us and saying that kits not working. So in our case it works and it worked every time. That's critical to the business. Downtime means losing money. So reliability was number one and that's what we found. It's not the cheapest on the market, but it's certainly from our point with the best quality we've ever come across. Plus, technology moved on doesn't it? So it's about making sure we are right bang up-to-date with what's available what kit is out there what the public want and delivering it and I think it's about the new developments and the next generation of equipment to give those gamers a real WOW factor."



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