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Commercial Laser Tag Sets For Business

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So You Need A New Attraction For Your Adventure Park, Church, or Summer Camp?

Are you planning a new activity for your college, arena, or resort? 

Or do you want to delight a large group at your next event?

Do you want the most mind-blowing, immersive live-action gaming scenarios? 

You're grandpa's pew-pew laser tag just won't cut it.

It sounds like you need some easy-to-use, powerful laser tag equipment

Go big, go bold! Engage groups of 50, 100, or even 200 players at once!

easy to use

Robust & Easy To Install

Our laser tag equipment is built tough. And it's easy to operate. Turn the key & start blasting!

mind blowing

Mind-blowing & Immersive

Mind-blowing blockbuster live-action games Run with low staff ratios.

made in australia

Made in Australia

The technology is patented and the gear is custom-made to order.

Live-action gaming is new & exhilarating!

Boost your sales, and create more entertaining games with less staff using our world-famous patented laser tag system.

yes [PLAY ANYWHERE] This laser tag equipment works indoors or outdoors. It works in a fixed venue, or for a mobile operation. Switch between indoor/outdoor with a quick zap of the Master Controller.

yes [ENGAGE YOUR PLAYERS] Play different games, like Battle Royale, Capture the Flag & more. This tech can scale. Sure, it works well for small groups of 6 or 8, but it is also best if you have a big group! Create a thrilling, immersive experience.

yes [BOOST YOUR BOOKINGS] Asking yourself "How much money can I make in a laser tag business?" Check out our free online revenue calculator.

These Deals Are Thrilling

Trusted By Leading Theme Parks & Laser Tag Businesses


Commercial Laser Tag Equipment: Boost Sales & Create Thrilling Games With Less Staff in 2024

What You Get:

  • [Built Tough] This is advanced, powerful & commercial-grade laser tag equipment. The gear enables you to create live-action games for your customers with less staff.
  • [On Trend] The equipment that's designed to THRILL your players. Play games like "Battle Royale" (Fortnite for Real) & "Capture the Flag" & more!
  • [Bulletproof Guarantee] We offer you a satisfaction guarantee. We will create a personalized plan for your business. We will work with you to create a "Battlefield Blueprint". It is a bespoke laser tag package that suits your business plans. Then your commercial laser tag equipment will be custom-made to order.  


 BONUS: Battlefield Sports University (BFSU). It's a 24/7 online portal full of resources, like training videos, swipe files, an image library & more. So you can save hours. Better still it'll save you time training your staff.

BONUS: An extra BFSU license for your business partner. So you & your partner or co-founder (or team) can grow your business together.

BONUS: Booking Software "Battlefield HQ". This is a free download. So you can track your bookings, calculate your ticket price, manage arsenal capacity, etc.

BONUS: Community. You get access to the invitation-only Facebook group. This exclusive community makes it a snap for you to get feedback & help. It's a place to bounce ideas off with others. People who are not your neighbor or cousin. Instead, network with successful Battlefield Operators. This way you'll be confident as you move forward building your business.

This is How We Work for You

What we can do for you

Welcome to Battlefield Sports

Hello Live-Action Gaming Entrepreneur!

I'm Nicole. My husband Peter, and I want to help you start "Your Battlefield Business".
This is our framework for how to build & grow a live-action gaming business.

Get excited!

You could be starting an inspiring & challenging journey. 

Why choose Battlefield Sports to start your new enterprise or grow your current business?

Because you want laser tag equipment that'll get your players booking in, time & time again.

Because you want a supplier who's there to support you. To help you grow your business in a way that is engaging & attractive to your local gamers.

To help you grow your business.

We are on a mission to make professional laser tag equipment for people, just like you. We're here to provide you with support, thrilling games & marketing tips.

Are you ready to arm yourself for adventure?

Start now: Take the quick Business Quiz

To Your Success, Nicole & Peter Lander
customize live gaming system

CUSTOMIZE: Battlefield Sports will craft a "Battlefield Blueprint". Together we discover what games & gaming theme matches your goals, budget and target audience.

production & testing

BUILD: Tell us your business plans & we will custom-make the commercial laser tag equipment for you.

Support for you

SUPPORT: Battlefield Sports offers you support to ensure your equipment is well maintained and ready to work towards achieving your business goals.

Real Case Studies, Real Results, Real ROI

We have a proven track record. A record of making quality equipment for summer camps, boarding schools and others.

See all Case Studies, click here

Laser Tag and Adventure parks

Adventure Parks & Laser Tag
[AUSTRALIA] "Glenworth Valley" added Laser Tag to their adventure park.

Zombie Laser Tag at Thorpe Park

Zombie Laser Tag at Thorpe Park
[UNITED KINGDOM] "Thorpe Park" created an interactive scare with Zombie Laser Tag.

Paintball Fields add laser tag

Paintball Fields add Laser Tag
[DENMARK] "Shoot To Thrill" expanded their paintball business by adding Laser Tag.


Discover if you are ready to arm yourself for adventure


Meet Graham: He Runs A UK Family Business

"I'm Graham... I've been doing this since about 2011. Well, we tested a number [of laser tag suppliers] in the market before we started & this was the most reliable and rugged of everything, it just keeps going the repairs are minimal. It will take a bashing from any kind of weather, any kind of [weather] conditions, & it just keeps going. In game-play what you need is equipment to be reliable the last thing we want is children's party-goers coming to us and saying that it's not working. So in our case, it works every time. That's critical to the business. Downtime means losing money. 

So reliability was number one & that's what we found. It's not the cheapest on the market, but it's certainly from our point with the best quality we've ever come across. Technology moves on, doesn't it? So it's about making sure we are right bang up-to-date with what's available what kit is out there what the public wants & delivering it and I think it's about the new developments and the next generation of equipment to give those gamers a real WOW factor."

business quiz

Interactive Scoreboard

The Battlefield Sports system has optional software for Game Management and Real-Time Scoring.

The "SATR-HUB" app for game management and the "SATR-SCORE" app for real-time scoring work on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 laptop or tablet.

Or use the new Windows app "SATR-GO!" for a scoreboard on the go.

mobile scoreboard

Attention: Adventure Park Managers, FEC Owners, and Summer Camp Directors

Yeah, we did it first.

 In 1999, we became the first in the world to offer commercial outdoor laser tag.

And since then, we’ve continued to innovate.


Battlefield Sports started from humble beginnings and has grown to become a leading laser tag equipment maker.

We have service points in the USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, and Belgium. We've helped big businesses and small start-ups.

We know what appeals to gamers.

Your players get engaging games, and you need less staff.

This technology can boost your bookings and encourage player retention.

The "SATR" live-action gaming system works well for small groups of 6 or 10. But it comes into its own with big groups, like 50 or 100 players.

It enables quick player throughput, especially with large groups.

So you can entertain loads of gamers.

In fact, we've helped brands entertain millions of gamers in more than 55 countries.

Get started today. Take action.

We are here to ensure you get the best commercial laser tag equipment.

Business Packages are practical and customized to suit your needs.


Then start today!

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