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Which Team Can Collect the Most Loot?: This Is Heist



The "Heist" Game

This is a thrilling game. This game can be played either indoors or outdoors. Either way, the maze or the field should have lots of cover, lots of things to hide behind. 

It works well for corporate team building where there are 4 teams. Or for school activities where there are 4 houses. 

Within the team, players can work as either an attacker, a flanker, or a defender - or all three. 

Attackers head to the money drop, they want to collect as much cash as they can and get out alive to return it to their vault. Flankers head around the edge of the field targeting the opposition's vault, they can steal money for this vault. Defenders work to stop this happening to their own vault. 

The objective of the game is simple: have more money in your vault at the end of the mission than the other team.

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Download The Heist Game Run Sheet

This is a short, powerful booklet that shows you how to run the Heist  game.  

(Give the form a moment to load) 

Heist game run sheet