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Which Team Can Collect the Most Loot? This Is Heist


The "Heist" Game

Our most popular game yet! It works great with the Battlefield ROYALE theme.

Heist can be played either indoors or outdoors. Either way, the maze or the field should have lots of cover, lots of things to hide behind. 

It works well with two - four teams (but can be played with up to 7!). Be sure to set the gear to friendly-fire off so each team can only shoot players from one of the other teams, not players on their own team.

Heist is a dynamic game where players can engage in various different play-styles. Not only that, but the game isn't won until the timer ends. 

So what is it all about...

Heist Game badge

The main objective of the Heist game is to have the most amount of virtual cash in your team's vault at the end of the mission. 

The next questions is, of course, how do you get the cash? Well, there are three ways:

  • Money Drop: Set a battle box prop to act as a Money Drop. It is a setting within the Recommended Options list. That means it's really easy to set up! The money drop will add $10 every 10 seconds, up to $200. (Or € or £.) When a player shoots the box, they collect the money within!
  • Kill an Opposition Player: When a player kills someone with cash, they get half that cash! (the rest is lost). 
  • Raid your Opposition's Vault: Set another battle box prop to act as a Vault. A player can sneak around to the other team's vault and shoot it, much like a money drop. Players can take up to $50 every 10 seconds. So it's always useful to have someone defending the vault!

The great part about the final option is that, even if a team is far behind, they can potentially organize a raid on the other team's vault - robbing their opponents of their advantage.

Not only that, but due to this dynamic style of play, gamers with different play styles can still have fun. 

  • If someone wants to rush in - going for the money drop is perfect. 
  • If they want to try a sneaky game - they can try their hand at raiding the enemy vault. 
  • If the player isn't very fit - they can hang back, defending their team's vault.

Of course, players can also try their hand at all these different options. This keeps the games fresh, round after round!


We Love Using It

Great to deal with, good deals on equipment, excellent after-sales assistance. Easy to work with. Service portal for easy questions. We love using Battlefield Sports' equipment for our PCYC project.
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Game Stores (In Addition To Gaming Guns) 

For a two-team set up, you'll want...

  • 1 x Master controller
  • 2 x Battle boxes set as Vaults (one for each team, this box also acts as a medic station)
  • 2 x Battle Boxes set as Supply Crates ( placed at opposite ends of the field to the Vaults, forming a rough diamond shape)
  • 1 x Battle Box set as a Money Drop 

Download The Heist Game Run Sheet

This is a short, powerful booklet that shows you how to run the Heist  game.  

(Give the form a moment to load) 

Heist game run sheet