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Growing Customer Retention 

Two Sides To the Business Coin

customer acquisition and customer retention. While many businesses focus on getting new customers and increasing event bookings, savvy Battlefield Operators also focus on the flip-side.

In other words, they focus on retaining players and enticing them to return again and again.

Savvy Battlefield Operators know it costs far less to retain a customer than get a new one.

Customer retention is a program to help businesses retain as many customers as possible, often through communication and brand loyalty initiatives.

players coming back many times

Effective Customer Retention For A Live Gaming Business

The most effective customer retention strategies encourage long-term relationships with your customers. Customers who are not only loyal but become brand ambassadors.

Loyalty programs don't have to be complicated. For example, customers who rent more than 3 times a "VIP" (Very Important Person). Being a VIP means that customer qualifies for a 10% discount on future bookings.

If customers know that they'll be rewarded for returning then they will feel more compelled to do so.

We have found that if one brother enjoyed their 10th birthday party at Laser Skirmish then a couple of years down the track their Mom will also book in again when the younger sibling turns 10.

Birthday reminder invites to return are particularly important to Battlefield Operators. Sending out a reminder 6 weeks out from a gamer's birthday is a great way to encourage them to re-book. According to Omnisend data, birthday emails have a conversion rate 5 times higher than regular promotional emails.

Customers appreciate fast and friendly service.

Better still if you look after a school or youth organization then they will book in year-in and year-out. We have one youth organization who has booked with us every year since 2008.

This way you can consider the lifetime value of your customers.

Asking for feedback from your customers is vital. We send out a survey to the organizers of the event after every event or rental. Not only does it make your customers feel good because you value their opinion, it also gives you an insight as to know what's important to your customers. More, if there is something that could be done better then you can find out about it. Or if they have a fantastic time then you might be able to use their feedback as a testimonial.

Nowadays customers often publish this feedback online, either in Yelp or TripAdvisor or on Facebook. Good reviews create positive social proof for your business.

Cross-selling is a fantastic way to increase customer retention. Many Battlefield Operators offer live gaming as one activity within a multi-activity facility. If a customer has enjoyed your laser tag games then they may consider returning to have some more fun with bowling or mini-golf or high ropes.

In a recent blog we got 3 Battlefield Experts to give us their Number 1 Tip on customer retention.

If you offer something unexpected, a little something extra for your customers then you can find ways to surprise and delight them. (Such as the old favorite "gift with purchase".) This will keep them coming back again and again.