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12+ gaming genres & Endless game-play possibilities

12 plus genres

[CLICK HERE FOR THEMES] Select from 12+ Gaming Genres or Themes. From milsim "Battlefield LIVE" to family friendly Laser Tag & more! #5 is my favorite!

capture the flag

[CLICK HERE FOR GAMES] Endless game-play options. The most popular game is "Capture the Flag". Find out more about all the games you can play

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[CLICK HERE FOR RUN SHEETS & "HOW TOS"] Want to know how to run these games? Click here for the "Games Handbooks". Get your free copy, here

No wonder BFS is No 1

Well it's hats off to this device. It's quite simple to understand. The box capability is awesome and the range is effective too. And I like the shoot to activate as well. No wonder Battlefield Sports is No 1.
Duncan. Darwen, UK