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Consider Your Gaming Theme

Battlefield Sports Laser Tag System Supports 12+ Gaming Themes: From Traditional To Tactical, We've Got You Covered

The first step to planning your new laser tag business is to consider your theme or genre. In our brand new live gaming platform, SATR3, there are 13 options.

  1. Access All Areas : and visibility to all menu options. 
  2. Mil Spec Military Specification: This sets the system to functions suitable for military training exercises. Includes wide range of modern small arms.
  3. Battlefield LIVE : Battlefield LIVE Genre. Modern combat simulation settings.
  4. Battlefield Tag : Laser Tag Genre. Simplified and limited options for running basic laser tag games.
  5. * NEW * Battlefield Royale LIVE: Love Fortnite? Here's an entire genre inspired by Battle Royale games.
  6. Battlefield Fantasy:  Suitable for fantasy role playing games.  Includes medieval weapons, armor, shields, rings, spells and monsters
  7. Battlefield Undead :  Horror Genre. Modern day horror genre includes full range of weapons and modern genre monsters.
  8. Battlefield Sci-Fi: Science fiction Genre: Futuristic weapons and armor as well as futuristic monsters
  9. Battlefield WW2 AFV: World War Two: Armored Fighting Vehicle Genre. Especially World War 2 tank combat.
  10. Battlefield Modern AFV: Modern Armored Fighting Vehicle Genre. Especially modern tank combat
  11. Battlefield WW2 Ord: World War Two Ordnance Genre. Large direct fire artillery simulation.
  12. Battlefield Modern Ord : Modern Ordnance Genre. Large direct fire artillery simulation.
  13. Battlefield ACW: American Civil War

Gaming Theming Options Explained  

In SATR2 (our previous generation of software) there are three the options:

A Kid at Christmas

Nicole, Canditta & the Battlefield Sports team have been fantastic all the way through from our first contact around a year ago, to the point when we could finally place an order. They're always friendly &I greatly appreciated that they took the time to understand our needs & work towards helping us meet them! We've also been very impressed with the follow up service post purchase & all the materials & assistance they provide to help us provide the best service possible to our customers.

It was with great excitement that I got back to the office to find our delivery had arrived!! It was just like being a kid at Christmas time all those years ago! It was nice as I’d been out this morning at appointments & hadn’t realized they’d been delivered as our other staff were also in meetings & weren’t able to tell me. My wife popped into the office & we found out whilst she was there that the delivery had taken place, so we were able to open the packages together, which was really nice.

We trust this is the beginning of an exciting adventure for us & I look forward to being able to order more through you in time as we expand the business! Have a great weekend & thanks again!!

Derek, SA