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LIVE Gaming Inflatables

Battlefield Sports have invented a new brand of gaming inflatables. Great for a mobile laser tag adventure, run games either indoors or outdoors (night or day, see the video) systems using the latest in sensory & gaming technology.

Battlefield Sports makes a series of gaming inflatable models. 

This is a new generation in mobile gaming Battlefield LIVE scenarios.


More info on Mobile Laser Tag Inflatables, click here.

These inflatables are made from test-proven all-weather fabric suitable for both cold and hot environment; and smooth surface finish, making cleaning and maintenance easy to handle. Each unit has its own safety valve.

They are inflated simply by air - blown weed or grass blowers. 

You can attach the individual doorways, windows, and wall sections together to create forts, bunkers, and rooms for clearing.generic indoor laser tag arena design

These gaming inflatables have a unique simplicity.

They are "instant build" training structures that can be used over and over again recreating simulated buildings, or a mini-town.

Tough and durable with heavy-duty material, these gaming inflatables can emulate many types of CQB scenarios.

Raving Fans

WOW! We opened our business with our first soccer tournament this weekend. We were the hit of the show. Everyone who played was a raving fan. The equipment is awesome and many said 'we were the highlight of the tournament'. Thanks to you, for all your hard work and partnership to get us going. Thanks again.
Patrick, United Kingdom

Our gaming inflatables make the design of your indoor laser tag arena flexible. You can literally change your maze to suit your missions. Here is an example of an indoor lasertag arena design. It uses our hero inflatables (doors, walls, windows). Click on the image for a closer look.