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State of the Art Digital Laser Tag Technology  

Laser Tag Accessories By Battlefield Sports

Battlefield Sports makes Laser Tag guns and accessories that are built tough. Click on each photo for specific info on each model, or download our full catalogue, click here. Check out our online shop for spare parts, click here.

master controller

Every battlefield arsenal needs a Master Controller. It's the "God Gun!". Find out more.

Domination Box

To play the "Domination Box" you'll need a Dom Box AKA the Game Box. Find out more, here.

Mystery Box

Add some mystery to your live gaming, get a Mystery Box. Find out more here.

Medic Box

Most Battlefield Operators get two medic boxes per battlefield, click here for more.

Radio Repeater

If you've got a big one, a big battlefield that is you'll need a radio repeater. Click here

Melee Pack

Running a haunted attraction or fantasy LARPs? Then you'll need melee packs

Flag Box

Amp up your  gaming with a Flag Box. One Flag Box per team/ Click here for more


Blow the bazookas out of the enemy! Add some Claymores to your gaming arsenal.

flag box

To play the game "Capture the Flag" you'll need a couple of Flag Boxes, click here.

armor box

Want your own weapon & armor cache? Add some weapon & armor boxes to your arsenal.

web clone

Present your battlefield business on the world wide web, order a web clone

cure box

Playing zombie games? Then you will need a "cure box" for your gamers. Click for more

money box and vault box

To play the game "Heist" you'll need a Money Drop Box and a Vault Box, click here. 

combo box

The Combo Box ** MOST POPULAR ** set a battle box to act as both medic & ammo.

rush box

To play the game "Rush" you will need 3 battle boxes set as Rush Boxes, click here. 

No wonder BFS is No 1

Well it's hats off to this device. It's quite simple to understand. The box capability is awesome and the range is effective too. And I like the shoot to activate as well. No wonder Battlefield Sports is No 1.
Duncan. Darwen, UK