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Live Action Gaming Scenarios - With Preset Options to Make Your Sessions Easier

Quick Set up Games (& More)

Live Games & Battlefield Missions

Battlefield Sports' live gaming system, SATR, is super flexible. You can play all sorts of games or missions. We've found it best to theme the games based on what your audience/participants want. So for example, if you want to run a thrilling live video game-themed operation, you will want to select Battlefield LIVE themed games. if you have little kids and a family entertainment center, you will want to go with games consistent with the Battlefield TAG theme. Or if you operate a Haunt at Halloween then you will want Battlefield UNDEAD themed games. Since the SATR live gaming system offers 12 genres, the number of scenarios is only limited by your imagination! 

Battle Royale 

Inspired by Fortnite and PUBG

We have brought Battle Royale to your battlefield. Using radio our laser tag system will create a “Bubble”. Just like the Storm in Fortnite, if you are outside the Bubble then you take damage!

It’s a battle for survival! Who will be the last gamer standing?

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Domination (AKA Capture & Hold)

Inspired by Call of Duty

This one is an absolute classic for a reason. It's an incredibly intense mission despite its simple concept. Non-stop action guaranteed.

In this mission, the central battle box marks the objective. 

When a player shoots the box – their team captures it. Then they have to hold the position for as long as possible. But! It’s not that easy. The other team can easily capture it back.

Who will dominate?

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Electronic Capture the Flag

Inspired by the Classic Schoolyard Game

Steal as many flags as possible in the time limit! 

To win one point a player must do the following incredible feat: battle their own to the enemy's battle box, shoot it, then - without dying - rush back to their team's base to return the flag.

This game has a set time limit making it easy to run to a session structure, unlike in classic Capture the Flag. 

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Team Death Match (AKA Team Elimination)

A Simple Mission for All Ages

Kill as many enemies as you can (without dying yourself!). 

It's time to test your meddle in this classic mission. Team up with squad to get as many kills as possible in the time limit. But remember every time you die it's a point to the other team.

Are you ready?

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Inspired by the Heist Movie Genre

Steal as much cash as you can in the time limit! 

Will you take the cash from the Money Drop, steal it from the enemy's vault, or take it off the gamers you kill? 

It's a game of strategy and tactics. Perfect for adult groups or groups with more than two teams. 

Have you planned your Heist? 

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Different Strokes for Different Folks


Battlefield TAG Handbook 

Want to get a copy of the Basic Games "Battlefield TAG" Handbook?

Battlefield UNDEAD Handbook

Want to get a copy of the Basic Games "Battlefield UNDEAD" Handbook?

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Benefit from the knowledge and experience of many years of running Live Games. If you have a question about how to run any of these live games, shoot us an email, we are here to help.