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We have a summary of the best games called “The Basic Games Battlefield LIVE Handbook” here you’ll get games which you can play outdoors and games you can play indoors. Likewise, if you are running zombie games you'll want to download “The Basic Games Battlefield UNDEAD Handbook”.

The traditional laser tag was almost wholly about a sci-fi themed game played with plastic “phasers” with a score sheet issued at the end of play showing individual player’s rankings. Most Laser Tag suppliers only offer one storyline or Mission Briefing, our games are always compelling because we offer many, many LIVE game packs. Likewise paintball generally plays the one "capture the flag" game.

More, we have blown the "Laser Tag" concept away with a new style of game where there are ONLY team scores. Individual gamers can track their own statistics, such as shooting accuracy, on their own gun in real-time.