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Engage Your Youngest Players            

The Bullseye Game

The Bullseye Game

Bullseye is a simple game, great for young players or for festivals. Perfect for players with a lot of energy! The rapid pace of the game allows for heaps of action and excitement. It's simple instructions are sure to engage gamers 5-years-old and up. 

Setting Up this Game

First, divide the group into two, roughly equal size, teams. Place the Battle Box, set as a Simple Target, in the middle of where you are playing. 

We normally allocate the "Team B" also known as the Blue Team bandannas (aka headwraps). This is because B for Blue & Bandannas is easy to remember. 

And the "Team A" also called the Red Team gets allocated jungle hats. Alternatively, you could have one team with red bandannas and one with blue. It's important that players can tell the teams visually. The winning team is simply the one with the most raw number of hits!

In this game, the players must shoot the Simple Target as many times as possible. Simple right?

Domination Game in the BFL Genre

Fetes & Fairs

The Bullseye Game is perfect for large through-put events. Gamers typically only spent 5 minutes within the game, so their experience show be jam packed with action. Bullseye is great for these events because is simple (shoot this box!) and gives the players the feeling of success many, many times during that short window. 


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How To Play The Bullseye Game

As with all of our games, ideally, the two teams will start out of sight on one another. Place the Simple Target in the center of the Battlefield (about equal distance between the red team and blue team base). The gamers must get insight of the target, aim at the sensor, and pull the trigger to land a hit. 

  • Set the game time for 15 minutes (for birthday parties) for 5 minutes (for fetes)
  • Gamers can not move the box.
  • If the red team players shoot the box and it flashes red. Their team wins one point. 
  • If the blue team players shoot the box then it will flash blue. Their team wins one point. 

At the end of the game, the team which hit the box the most wins! The box will flash that team color. 

On the Master Controller, if you select the Bullseye game, you will get regular score updates. At the end of the game, the controller will do a final update. From there you can choose to play an announcement regarding the winning team. For example, Red Team is Victorious. This will be played from the speakers of each player's tagger, so everyone knows the result. 

What's needed to run the game?

Battlefield Operators will need:   

  • gaming guns for the players   
  • a master controller or PC running SATRWare for game management   

  • a radio repeater (for large battlefields)

  • 3 Battle Boxes  (if playing in a two team format)

Additional Teams

This game is intended for younger players as well as fairs. Both of these groups generally prefer a two-team format. However, the Bullseye Game supports up to seven teams at once. 

For each additional team, operators require an additional Battle Box. A game with seven teams will require a total of eight Battle Boxes. 

Download the Bullseye Game Run Sheet 

This is a short, powerful booklet that shows you how to run the Bullseye game.  

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