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FAQ SECTION 1: Size of Market & Future Trends

Q: Compared to Paintball or Airsoft, what is the market potential for Battlefield LIVE?
A: Paintball and Airsoft have a loyal following that is mainly males between the age of 15-30. That's about 90% of their market. The key difference is that we are able to bring the entertainment right under the noses of the public. We can travel to where the players are, be it at a festival, a village fair, at a shopping mall, or at our customer's (such as a convention center's) venue.

You can expect players from all of the following categories: Tweens (U13), Teens, Corporate groups, Schools, fund raisers, Carnivals, Xtreme players (e.g. night-time combat missions) women's teams, and more. In fact anyone from 6-67 will be interested in playing. It's an enormous market and because of the flexibility of our business models you can decide exactly who you want to target and how. For more information on this and other relevant topics, refer to our book "Right on Target."

Q: Where can I find information for my school / college assignment?
A: The Battlefield Sports does not have the resources to undertake research for student assignments. However, you may find that the information you require is already published in our Combat Entertainment Industry Report. To Download the Report just complete this form and it will be automatically sent to you.

Q: What business models work, and what doesn't?
A: Since starting in 1999, Battlefield Sports has trialed many varied business models and marketing techniques. We've found the following work:

  • Games at events i.e. festivals, village fairs, etc
  • Battlefields at existing busy facilities such as convention centers, FECs, theme parks or adventure parks
  • Indoor arenas
  • Combining mobile battles at major events to drive business to fixed locations (these fixed locations could be either outdoor forest fields or indoor arenas).

In our experience, what does not work is a standalone arena or forest field without either busy passing trade or the promotional benefits of mobile events or a substantial advertising budget.  

Q: OK, so I'm convinced that there is a big market for this, but how do I know it will work in MY local area market?
A: With over 350 customers worldwide using Battlefield Sports' kit in more than 40 countries and many years in operation we KNOW that there is a demand in your area but it's important that you VERY carefully assess the local demographics and consult with us to decide which of our business models you should pursue. Video games have driven the demand for a realistic combat simulation, we are the company of choice in the civilian combat simulation business. Believe us, IF you follow our plan you'll have plenty of demand for this activity in your area. However, success in business requires many factors to come together, mainly it's your background, values, business skills, purpose and persistence that will make this work for you. We are looking for UNBEATABLE partners to help push Peter's vision around the planet. You'll find a team at Battlefield Sports ready and willing to work with you and encourage you towards the gold medal every step of the way. We believe in freedom, friendships and loyalty and if you do your part you'll find us with you every step of the way.

Q: Why do teenagers like this game so much?
A: Think video games in real life and you'll have the answer.....TENS of thousands will now tell you that our game pulls them away from XBOX and other consoles...that's big.
Q: How many players do you expect to play Battlefield LIVE over the next decade?
A: That's a tough question because of the time period but we expect that the roughly 2,000,000 players we have now should grow to 20,000,000 in that time. All the indicators point that way, the demand for electronic sports is getting bigger by the day (the world champion video player earned more than 3 million dollars last year.) and our market continues to grow and grow. It looks as though we are on the right trend, of course that is only half the battle, the main half is how hard we can work and how smart we can think to capitalize on that. Still, we love to work and we can't help ourselves from thinking and growing, the strategy that Battlefield Sports has deployed seems to be growing stronger by the day, in business as in life, strategy is everything.

Q: I'm thinking about opening an indoor Laser Tag center, why is Battlefield LIVE a better business option for an indoor center?
A: We are a LIVE video game experience, that's our difference. It's a philosophy that continues to attract more and more players. You, as a business owner are simply giving your customers the experience of a thrilling new electronic sport that is closer to a real video game than anything else out there. That's really what it's about. Laser Tag manufacturing companies and companies similar just never "got" it. Why is it a better option for an indoor lasertag arena? First we have a games system designed for combat simulation that appeals to the new generation of gamers. Second we are able to redeploy the entire battlefield within a day.

Q: We are thinking about adding this to our Paintball location or even doing this instead of expanding our Paintball further, what's the good, the bad and the ugly here?
A: There is no ugly the good news? Well, it's a DIFFERENT market that has only a little crossover value (eg extreme nighttime missions in the forest using infra red scopes/goggles). The bad side? As the business owner you need to be aware of possible age and attitude differences. But overall, if managed correctly you can broaden business income sources. This is, of course, a good thing.

Q: Is it true that Battlefield LIVE is taking market share from XBOX, Ps3, Wii and other entertainment games?
A: We complement these products. People love their computer games and then want to try a live experience with lots of other people in a big battle, that's where we (you) come in. There is no doubt we reduce the time people spend playing computer games because more of their leisure time is spent outdoors playing the "live" version.

Q: Is this a fad?
A: It does not appear to have the business genetics of a fad, what we have seen is strong but steady growth in our sales for the last decade. It appears there is a genuine interest in our breakthrough game.

Q: Is this a trend? How long will it last?
A: The mega trends towards gaming is clear and strong. How long it will keep growing is hard for anyone to predict. To find out more about where the combat entertainment industry report, complete this form, and we will automatically send you this year's report.