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Battlefield Tag Theme Game: Free For All 

Free For All Game in the Battlefield TAG Genre  

To run the Free For All game make sure the playing field is not too large. 

This game is intense! 
If you have 10 players, then less than 800 square meters is a good guide. Or in other words less than 8,500 square feet. 
The field should have plenty of cover.   


free for all game

How To Run The Free For All Game 

The first step towards running the Free For All game is to switch off the medic boxes.  

Next with the master controller, SET TEAM function change all phasers to FF ON (Friendly Fire On). This way all phasers can tag all other phasers.  

The next step is to issue an END (Radio) command with the master controller to end the previous game. Give the players 20 to 30 seconds to find a good hiding spot.The issue a START(Radio) command with  the master controller to start the game. 

Typically run this game for 5 to 8 minutes or until there is only one player left.If more than one player left activated after 8 minutes, the player that made the most number of deactivations wins.If the all but one gamer is deactivated before 8 minutes, perform an END (Radio) command from the master controller.

Free For All Game Briefing. 

This is a Free For All game. Know Battle Royale? This is the live action version. There are no teams. To win, you have to remain activated for 8 minutes.  If there is more than one player activated at the end, the player that make the most number of deactivations wins.  Watch out, there are no reactivations in this game!  You have 20 seconds to get into position. Go go go!