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Free Book To Help You Start Your Own Laser Tag Business Today

"If I gave you a free book showing you how to get started in a laser tag business would you be interested?"

We are giving away this FREE book on "Right on Target: How To Start, Have Fun & Make Money with a Live Gaming Buinsess" simply as we believe that although it is FREE once you read it you will see how valuable the info inside is, and you might be interested in to learn more & work with us to set up your own Laser Tag Business.

Please fill in your details in the form [right] to get instant access.

Enter your details to download our book once you do a link to the book will be emailed to you instantly, ready for you to read and enjoy right away.

Valued at $29.95 we will send this to you, absolutely free.

This book shows you how live games can be played either indoors or outdoors, in a mobile attraction or a fixed battlefield venue.

Our Award Winning Technology - As Featured In:

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If I Showed You How To Get Started In The LIVE Gaming Buisness With Quality & Competitively Priced Laser Tag Equipment Would You Be Interested?

  • Have you ever wanted to run your own Laser Tag business and help customers create memories they'll never forget, but don't know where to start?
  • Have you been looking for a business model that you can make a difference?

Well, if you said yes to any of those questions, congratulations, you are in the right place.

So read on!

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right on target

Yes! I would like claim my free book & find out about... how digital tech can boost my sales & discover the latest trends, insights, & innovations in Laser Tag.


Hi, my name is Nicole Lander, and my husband, Peter Lander, and I have been innovating in the laser tag industry for more than 15 years. We have sold millions of dollars in laser tag tickets.

What we have done is create the "Your Battlefield Business" system to allow people, like you, to get into the business of their dreams.

The Book "Right on Tagret" covers a heap of useful subjects. Basically it is the A to Z of Your Battlefield Business.

You are probably wondering why we are revealing this free information?
Well, to be honest, we want to work with people who believe in what we do. Believe in creating happy memories of loads and loads of people who come and play laser tag.


  • Step 1 - Enter Your details in the form.
  • Step 2 - Download Your Copy of the book
  • Step 3 - Read It & Start Planing Your Battlefield Business.

Brilliant Programming

"The new SATR2 programming is working great. We particularly like the Master Controller's ability to change gun classes and indoor/outdoor (since we do both). Our gamers really like the ability to randomize of the gaming guns with the Mystery Box. It enables us to change up a traditional game – keeping it fresh. We discovered that new mission moves everyone back to the original class and weapon setting – which was a brilliant programming decision! Thanks"
Jim M, USA

Must-Have 4 LaserTag Business

This afternoon I was in Cleveland to run a laser tag game in a huge basement garage! It was a first public trial for Mystery Boxes. IMHO, it was an absolute blast! I’ve been using two Mystery boxes, and all 15 players were really happy to upgrade their guns to, say, monstrous machine gun with 200 bullets… Awesome feature, absolute MUST-HAVE for laser tag business.
Alex, GC

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