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Flexible Technology to Suit Your Battlefield Business

The enabling technology made possible through a technological breakthrough enabling extended range of infrared units in all playing conditions in a playable manner. Extensive testing was carried out to achieve optimal levels of range and firepower of each gaming gun/sensor for the most satisfying gaming experience in a commercial environment.

Friendly Fire Control

The computer inside the gaming guns can identify friend or foe, or, in other words you can turn on or off friendly fire. While most Battlefield Operators run events with two teams i.e. Team Alpha versus Team Bravo you can actually have up to 7 teams within one battle.  

Octo-Zone Control

Play up to eight separate battle groups without crossfire. Great for busy venues. Many busy paintball fields, for example, have a series of fields but they are in close proximity to one another. With our digital laser tag system (SATR3) you can have up to 8 different battle groups (each with their own teams, see above, without crossfire. 

LIVE Action Gaming

The system has built in “genres”. There are 12 genres or gaming themes. The system can emulate up to 285 emulations. The system replicates the exact ammo and reload time for, say, the P90 or G36. What you hear is what you get, most emulations have authentic sound effects. But if also has family-friendly laser tag phaser settings. More, it also for fantasy game-play emulate spells and shields.


The equipment is really reliable.
Dereck, UK

Master Controller

A simple to use handheld device to run all your operations. No need for complicated computer systems. More, any unit can be configured to act as a Master Controller. Built in redundancy. 

Battery Meter

On boot up the gaming gun will show on its display that unit’s battery charge.

Gamer’s Display

Not only does the display show the gamer, in real time, his/her number of hits (or tags) and number of kills (or De-activations) and their accuracy %. it also shows the timer count-down so they know how much longer they have in this game. Battle Box This unit reduces your staff overhead, as gamers can respawn (re-activate) themselves at their base. Battle boxes can be set to also know which team it will respawn. The box can also act as a Ammo Dump or a Repeater Station (to extend the battlefield terrain). No individual's score/ranking – totally team focused on objectives + statistics in real-time

No Lasers!

The core technology used by Battlefield Sports™ is infrared light. Infrared is on the safe side of the visible spectrum and is the spectrum of choice also for military grade combat simulation equipment like the US Army MILES system.

The combat game style of Battlefield LIVE™ has been influenced in playing style by video games and the technology is an adaptation of the military technology for combat simulation training.  

You can benefit from our experience. The team have operated our own commercial operations (indoor, outdoor and mobile) for the last 18 years has led to Battlefield Sports developing the Battlefield LIVE™ equipment and the refinement of the game and business concepts.

Many of the Battlefield Sports staff are also regular paintball players, a source of experience that has been heavily drawn on in the development of Battlefield Sports™.

Battlefield Sports primary strength is our team. We have a unique combination of professional game developers and business development professionals.


I like the this laser tag, it is highly reliable. I also like the flexibility of equipment. Keep up the good work.
Joshua, NSW Australia