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Battle Box - Set as a Flag Box

The new SATR3 laser tag system features flag boxes, one for each team.

This enables gamers to play electronic capture the flag.  A player has to shoot the opposition box and then shoot their own box without being killed in between to score.

Play Electronic Capture The Flag with Flag Boxes 

The aim of this game is to shoot the other team’s flag box once and then get back to your own base without dying and then shooting your own box to score one point. 

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Each team needs a target box and a medic box set to their team and positioned near each other. 

The medic box is set to unlimited respawns.

Each team has unlimited re-spawns. 

Flag Box

Their own target box is positioned about 65ft - 130ft (20-40 meters) from the medic box. Players also have to be set to their own team with the master controller.