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Drive Engagement

Want To Find An Activity To Engage Kids & Teens?

You know how Operators what to find a new activity so that can engage large groups of kids and teens?

But the youth can be disinterested and bored.

Typically, Operators feel they are swimming against the tide of the children and teenagers just wanting to play video games all day.

It is often a massive challenge to engage the youth for Ministries, Teachers and Operators alike.

drive engagement in kids and teens
Well, what we do is provide operators with laser tag equipment so groups (small or very big groups) can experience a thrilling live experience, like a video game.

This laser tag equipment is designed to thrill your players and enable Battlefield Operators to run thrilling events with less staff. It is a way to drive gamer engagement.

Good Game Design Boosts Engagement

Good design in live gaming systems and scenarios can boost player engagement.

The key elements are:

  •     provide a safe environment
  •     maximize gamer participation
  •     provide challenging scenarios given the make-up of the group
  •     include all participants, regardless of their age and ability
  •     maximize fun for the gamers so they can create happy and thrilling memories.

For more insights on how Battlefield Operators can boost gamer engagement, read the "Want to be a Better C.O? Think Like A Coach" blog.

Play Games That Are Relevant To Your Gamers

Our latest gaming theme is "Battlefield ROYALE" which is inspired by the famous FORTNITE video game.

The players love it.

They are really engaged in the game because they are familiar with the game mechanics. There is the challenge of getting to a Supply Crate to get a boost or better weapon emulation. And there is the thrill of the "map" or playing area continually shrinking. This forces the teams to come together in an exciting battle. Because it is a team objective then the entire cohort needs to communicate and work together in order to taste victory.

This brand of laser tag is simple to run.

The system is designed to be run on less staff. For example, we host a "pay and play" or public event of up to 25 players at once we just one crew member. If we have lots of different groups of players, say groups of 3 or 5 in each booking that, in total, make up to 80 can be run with only 2 staff. For more than 80 players (40 on the red team and 40 on the blue team) then we roster on 3 staff.  

The gear is built tough. And you can play indoors or outdoors.

In fact, the kids are engaged, getting out and about and working as a team together. We've helped summer camps in Washington, New Mexico, New Jersey, Texas, and California. As well adventure parks in Australia and across Europe. We've supplied laser tag gear to theme parks for Haunt Attractions from England's Thorpe Park to Australia's Movie World.

We literally have had students saying that our brand of laser tag was the best part of the entire camp.