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Take Control of the Battlefield: Win At Domination 

The Domination Game


The Domination Game

The Domination Game (also known as "Capture and Hold") might just be the easiest game to run as a Battlefield operator. It is intuitive from the gamer's point of view as well.

Divide the group into two, roughly equal size, teams. Place the Battle Box, set as Domination Box, in the middle of where you are playing. 

We normally allocate the "B Team" also known as the Bravo Clan i.e. the Blue Team head wraps or bandannas.

And the "A-Team" also called the "Alpha Clan" i.e. the Red Team gets allocated jungle hats.

Each team should have two types of headwear such as one with no brim and the other has a brim all the way around the head. Alternatively, you could have one team with red bandannas and one with blue. This tells the teams.

The basic idea with this game is when the red team shoots the Domination Box the box flashes red. When the blue team shoots the Dom Box then it flashes blue. Whichever team has captured and held the box the longest wins! 

Domination Game in the BFL Genre

Domination Game Video 

Watch a quick video showing how you can run the Domination Game in the Battlefield LIVE theme. 

Ideally, the two teams will start out of sight on one another.

For bigger groups, you can scale-up the game and play a 3-Point Domination using three instead of just one Domination Box. 


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How To Play The Domination Game

Place the Domination Box in the center of the Battlefield (about equal distance between the red/alpha team and blue/bravo team base).  The gamers need to get in reasonably close to trigger the hit, and it can be tagged from any direction.

  • Set the game time for 15 minutes (for outdoor games) for 5 minutes (for indoor games)
  • Gamers can not move the box.
  • If the red team players shoot the box and it flashes red.
  • If the blue team players shoot the box then it will flash blue
  • The timer inside the box works how long each team was in control.

At the end of the game time, the team which had control for the most time wins! The box will flash that team color and the SFX is "bravo team is victorious" or "alpha team is victorious"

The winning team is the clan which dominated the box for the longest duration.


Download the Domination Game Run Sheet 

This is a short, powerful booklet that shows you how to run the Domination game.  

(Give the form a moment to load) 

domination game run sheet