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Battlefield LIVE is a new take on Laser Tag.

Battlefield Sports' technology uses infra-red light (just like a TV remote) inside gaming guns. This laser tag equipment enables combat simulation games.

These games use Battlefield Sports' patented technology "SATR". SATR is the world's first instantaneous hit feedback system that works peer-to-peer and in any terrain.

This technology was designed by gamers for gamers.
Peter Lander drew on his experience as a Live-Action Role Player (LARPs) and from tabletop war games and video games to create the SATR laser tag system.


Hollywood Appeal

Customers have this image in their minds of what a gun in their Hollywood movie should look, feel, and sound like. Your products fit that bill very well.
Joel, Idaho USA

We call the game "Battlefield LIVE." Watch this quick video for a demo of how you can use this technology in your business.

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The next step is to request a consult with your local consultant so you can see a demo for yourself, click here.

Hollywood Appeal of Battlefield LIVE

As you can see in the demonstration video Battlefield LIVE gives the gamer the thrill of a Hollywood Action Blockbuster. When you are a player in a game of Battlefield LIVE you are the hero. You and your teammates vie for glory against other gamers, not an AI.

This makes the game unpredictable and thrilling.