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Independently Laboratory Tested Commercial Equipment 

Compliance Reports 


Battery Compliance

Material Safety Data Sheet -- Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries. Dry Cell Batteries (NiMh) Not restricted as per special provision A199. Battlery Complicance Report, click here.


Compliance Reports

ce compliance markBattlefield Sports' Compliance Testing

SATR stands for "small arms transmitter-receiver." It has been through a rigorous set of CE and FCC testing.

Battlefield Sports is officially registered as Innovative under the Government's Industry Research & Development Act,  Officially Innovative registration, click here.

CE Compliance

SATR systems have CE certification.  


To download a copy of our Declaration of Compliance,  Declaration of Compliance, click here

Electrical and Electronic equipment waste Directive. Directive 2002/96/ec article 4, 10 and 11,  Waste Directive, click here

WEEE Directive 2002/96/Ec - Calculation of Theoretical Recovery and Recycling Rate, click WEEE Directive, click here

Safety of Toys. Mechanical and physical properties. EN 71 - 1 2005 + A9 2009,  Safety of Toys, click here

Safety of Toys. Flammability. EN 71 - 2: 2006 + a1 2007, download Fammability Report, click here.

Safety of Toys. Migration of certain elements EN 71-3: 1994 + A1 2000/AC: 2002,  Migration of Certain Elements, click here.

BBP, DBP, DEHP content and DNOP, DINP, DIDP content of REACH regulation (EC) No. 1907/ 2006 and amendment no. 552/ 2009 Annex XVII item 51 & 52 respectively, click Reach Regulations, click here.

Total Cadmium content in accordance with REACH regulation (EC) no. 1907/ 2006 and amendment no 552 / 2009 Annex XV item 23,  Cadmium Content Report, click here.

EN 62115: 2005 Electric Toys - Safety,  Electric Toys Safety Report, click here.

Organotin compounds content according to REACH regulation (EC) no. 1907 / 2006 Annex XVII Item 20 and amendment Commission Regulation (EU) No. 276/2010, download the report, Organotin compounds Report, click here.

Cadmium, Lead, Chromium VI, Mercury, PBB and PBDE according to RoHS: Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment 2011/65/EU, click here.

Photo-biological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems - EN 62471: 2008,

FCC Compliance

fcc markSATR Systems are also compliance under the FCC protocols.

FCC full report,  FCC Report, click here
FCC Certificate,  FCC Certificate, click here

At Battlefield Sports™ we are committed to bringing the latest innovations and trends in live gaming to you.

Please return here for posts on news regarding Battlefield Sports research and development and other compliance issues.   

Australian / New Zealand Standards

AS/NZS ISO 8124 - 3: 2003 + Amendment No. 1 - Soluble Heavy Metals,  AUNZ Soluble Heave Metals Report, click here.

AS/NZS 62115: 2008 Electric Toys - Safety, AUNZ Electric Toys Safety Report, Click here.