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commando sniper

Commando Sniper

The Commando Sniper gaming gun is a great combination between compact design and huge fire power. The Commando Sniper with a 3-9x40 telescopic rifle scope is aimed at the older gamer who demands long range and precision. And it certainly packs a punch!

commando sniperWith a telescopic scope and narrow infrared beam, the Commando Sniper is designed for long range outdoor work.

The Commando Sniper has a highly adjustable stock so that a wide range of gamers can use this unit comfortably. This sniper version has a telescopic scope mounted on a weaver rail mount.

It also has a flat front end, in other words it has no barrel as such. While this model can be used for both indoor or outdoor games, for indoor use we recommend the Commando Carbine instead of the Sniper version. (See the Commando Carbine version with its red-dot scope, click here.)

The new Commando Sniper has a very long focal length lens assembly for extended range. Watch out, the version sniper is for experienced gamers that know how to aim! Because the telescopic scope is made for weapon recoil gamers will need to ensure their eye is a few inches back from the lens when aiming.

Setting the software emulations in SATR gamers can set the range to "long".

Designed and built tough in Australia, the new Commando Sniper joins the Battlefield Sports range of gaming guns.

The new Commando Sniper comes standard with the SATR Optik Sensors and the world famous Battlefield Sports Predator Targeting System.

Excellent Customer Service

Just started - 1st night 30 players, 2nd night 50 players, 3rd night 60 players! Excellent customer service - we feel very supported.
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Commando Sniper Features

The Commando Sniper features:commando sniper

  • the stock has a strong metal stock for robust gaming
  • stronger aluminum and added fixing points for strength
  • wider top handle for strength and easier access for repairs and re-assembly
  • textured powder coating to minimize scratching and peeling   
  • resin gun sensor for reliability (because the sensor is close to the front of the gaming gun it is more likely to be damaged)
  • improved antenna housing and location for protection to the antenna   
  • magnification of 46mm dia. F=158mm lens is about 2.5X, this is a narrower, longer beam for extended range.

The Commando has been part of the standard issue gaming gun line up by Battlefield Sports since 2004. 

Standard issue color: Hammerburst Black.


  • Latest SATR Software system: standard
  • Style Sniper Rifle
  • Optik sensors, the most advanced hit sensors available exclusive to Battlefield Sports: standard
  • Predator Muzzle Flash - tri colored-hyper-bright (blue/red/white/off): standard
  • Range Long
  • Telescopic Scope: standard
  • Construction Metal
  • Trigger full trigger mechanism
  • Weight 4kgs/8.8lbs
  • Standard issue color: hammerburst black
  • Recommended environments Day/Night Indoor or Outdoors
  • Gun Length 57cm/22.4" (stock in) or 71cm/28' (stock out)


Recommended Weapon Emulations

  • Battlefield Sports Commando (default) 
  • M24 Sniper Rifle
  • Dragunov SVD