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cobra laser tag guns

The Most Popular Laser Tag Gun Model 

Laser Tag Gun *Best Seller*: The Cobra

Laser Tag Gun: The Cobra Phaser

The Cobra laser tag phaser is our lightest model. Click on the image [right] for a close up of the Cobra laser tag tagger, or click here.

Battlefield Sports is the laser tag manufacturer of the famous Cobra Laser Tag Gun. This is our most popular model in our laser tag gun line-up. It is a our best selling laser tag gun. 

cobra phaser

Cobra Laser Tag Gun Review 

Check out the video that reviews the cobra laser tag gun. It is Battlefield Sports' top selling model. 

A practical solution for just about any laser tag business. 

You can play with it either indoors or outdoors. This is a turn-key solution.

You literally turn the key to switch it on, and then you are ready to play!

This tagger is made from fiber-reinforced poly-carbonate. So it it built tough. This makes it is perfect for the younger players. In fact we designed this laser tag gun from the ground up for a 10 year old boy or girl in mind. 

We go out Confident

We find the Cobras so easy for our mobile laser tag service. After setting up our Backyard Battlefield we just need the gaming guns to work, we don’t have time to mess around with setting things up to make the magic happen. Our clients want fun, and want it now. We pull the Cobras from their cases, fire them up and we are on the field in no time. The versatility of the SATR software is awesome. We can run dynamic intense gaming right in people's backyards. And rugged… we do parties with kids from 6 years up, the Cobras perform without a hitch. They handle the rough handling, the dropping, the combat rolls with ease. They are a hit with the kids, you hear the oohs and ahhhh’s as we pull the gaming guns from their boxes. All in all, for our mobile party business the Cobras offer the reliability and the durability we need. We go out confident we will provide an event they will not forget in a hurry.
Philip McDonald, WA

It is also great for portable attraction, as this new model comes with a 40mm lens for extended range.

It is recommended you add a 30mm Red Dot Scope for easier aiming.

Standard issue color: black body with either red or blue or green decals.

The Cobra's water resistant enclosure (designed to rating IP65) ensures the game can continue in heavy rain, snow or high temperatures.

It's not like a job, it's a blessing

When I saw Battlefield Sports' equipment, I thought it was a really cool idea and it sparked something in me. I wanted something to give a real positive experience to groups. When I saw the Cobra I like the weight and look as I didn't want a realistic-looking gaming gun. As I didn't want to turn off parents. Having something real looking would have meant I would have had to overcome too many barriers with parents. Now I'm having fun, doing a job I love. It's not like a job, it's a blessing and I get real job satisfaction. The players always say they "LOVE IT, LOVE IT!" AND "IT'S SO MUCH FUN!" David is a great support and we've had many discussions where I've come away with new ideas and a new focus. Good support, good maintenance and good tech support."
Steve Dimitrakoulas, Greece

GUNS SPECS of the Cobra Laser Tag Gun

  • Style SMG (Sub Machine Gun)
  • Recommended Scope Red Dot (200gr/7oz)
  • Construction Poly-carbonate (fiber reinforced for extra strength)
  • Trigger integrated trigger mechanism
  • Weight 2.1kgs/4.5lbs
  • Recommended environments Day/Night Outdoors, eg laser tag arena, mobile laser tag
  • Phaser Length 40cm/15¼"

The Best by Far

The gaming guns are dependable. What I like best? I'd say the gaming guns' ability to adapt. I've played with many different manufacturers and Battlefield Sports gaming guns are the best as far as sounds and feedback.
Ryan, Ohio USA

Recommended Emulations 

  • Battlefield Sports Scorpion (default)
  • Uzi
  • Mp5 SD
  • M3 Grease Gun
  • Sten Mark 2 (read about the aftermarket Sten Gun)

More Photos of the Cobra

mobile laser tagGrey Cobra (no red dot)cobra boyBlack Cobra (with a red dot)cobra laser tag gunClick on the image to get a closer look