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Total Adventures: School Camp

Total Adventures is a popular residential camp that caters for school-based adventure activities.

"The laser tag activity is a highly sought-after, high-profile activity at Total Adventures," said Fiona Menkens, Training Manager.

Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Total Adventures hosts a huge range of school camp activities that are filled with adventure and learning all in one!



What They Offer

At camp, no single player wins – the team ultimately achieves success or failure. 

Students work in teams to navigate obstacles, create strategies and work towards a common goal.

All missions require communication, organization, and planning and are awesome fun exercise sessions.

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Total Adventures 


total adventures

Situated just a 5-minute journey across the Noosa River via the car ferry, Total Adventures is located in Noosa North Shore.

A shire of more than 80km of unspoiled open beaches, golden sands, and forest wilderness to explore.

With obstacles like barrels, trees, and a UN mock-up vehicle – students are challenged to work together to achieve the game’s objectives.

Total Adventures specializes in big groups. They have grown their arsenal we have supplied them with a total of 84 Awesome Cobra Taggers.

The adventure began in 2017 when Total Adventures Camp invested in a range of Laser Taggers.

The initial launch included:

  • 44 x Awesome Cobras
  • 2 x Controllers
  • 2 x Battle Boxes

After the success of Laser Adventure, they expanded the activity with more taggers!

In 2022, they upgraded to the latest SATR3 software.

Then in 2023, they expanded their arsenal with:

  • 40 x Awesome Cobras
  • 1 x SATR-Go Scoreboard Bundle
  • 2 x Battle Boxes
laser tag field at the summer camp

“Capture and Hold, Team Elimination, Capture the Flag, Domination… are just some of the games we play on camp,” said Fiona.