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Sea Cadets on the USS Orleck - A Case Study

The Sea Cadets found a lesson around every corner.

The mission: rescue the Captain. An exercise that aims to demonstrate the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps (Chennault Division) core goals.

"It is an exercise that shows them they need to work as a team," said Shannon Cox, U.S. Naval Sea Cadets Training Officer.

The old naval destroyer, the USS Orleck, presents an endless amount of hiding places.

Accidental Exercise!

This is great fun with accidental exercise.
Peter Mccarthy, Horsham, Australia

The Sea Cadets learned to depend on each other as they tried to survive and complete their mission.
"Walking through the corridors, the passage-ways, and  having to find the enemies, searching the shadows was the hardest part of this training," said Gage Smith, U.S. Naval Sea Cadet.
"You have to have good leadership, this program helps. In order to coordinate [actions] and follow the [squad leader] you have to understand them and know what they are doing," said Joseph Toups, U.S. Naval Sea Cadet.

"You have to learn to work with each other to get something done right," said Harley Lovett, U.S. Naval Sea Cadet.