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FAQ SECTION 2 - Business Skills & Attitude Needed

The most important business skill and/or psychological trait is that you need to run a laser tag business is to be teachable.
f you enjoy helping other people and are able to lead your business effectively then you will well on your way to success. 
Where we can, we help you to develop some of these leadership skills by recommending books that have helped us and by attending our seminars, mainly though just stay in contact with us so we can drive the business forward together. We also have the Battlefield Sports University that's got useful resources for Operators.
As with any other business, mental attitude and tenacity is crucial, a laser tag business is not an easy path to fast riches. It is, however, a real business that requires passion, focus and teamwork.
Our most successful Battlefield Operators are people who really wanted a change of direction in life and wanted to be part of a growing business that also allowed them more time with their family, better health, regular exercise and hyper enthusiastic customers who see them as a hero for bringing this fabulous entertainment experience to their local town or city. 

Q: I don't think my marketing or sales skills are up to the mark, can I still go forward?
A: Yes, absolutely you can, a lot of this has been done for you because we have been experimenting with different business approaches for years, as long as you can find people and build a team then you can succeed because the demand for your Battlefield LIVE business will be explosive...

Q: This will be my first business venture on my own, what do I need to know?
A: With Battlefield Sports you are in business for yourself but not by yourself, plenty of support is available, ASK us about our packages and you'll see all the ways we will support you. Also, for more information on this and other relevant topics, refer to our book "Right on Target."

Q: I'm going to write a business plan, can you guys help me?
A: Yes we can help you. What we can provide the following key elements that are essential to a successful business plan:

  • the underlining business case
  • a successful and proven business model
  • marketing acumen
  • advice on operations
  • guidelines on staff recruitment and selection
  • information on the source of supplies
  • financial analysis.

More, there is lots of info useful to writing a business plan in our book "Right on Target." If you haven't already download the free our Laser Tag Industry Report for some useful business plan information (just complete the form on our home page).

Q: Why won't this work for us? What can go wrong?
There are some factors that can really send this business into a spin. Wrong location - too far away from population. The primary thing that can go wrong in choosing the wrong business model. Bottom line, this is a business like any other business. You need capital, leadership skill, determination, marketing skills, location, love of the business and other parts of the "perfect storm" the business works all over the world. The question is not will it work for you? Rather, it's will you work for it?