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Bowling Alley Add Laser Tag to Ramp up the Entertainment

bowling alley - add laser tagGone are the days of a bowling alley simply catering for Monday night leagues. While bowling leagues are still an important component of a bowling business, Bowling Alley managers want to diversify.

Nowadays bowling alleys are multi-attraction hubs.

High end themeing with sport bar facilities are the name of the game.

During the day bowling alleys cater for family fun and birthday parties. Today kids are sophisticated consumers, they love laser tag and bowling as a combo. 

Bowling Alley managers want to leverage their database.

Some bowling alley operators will also want to reuse the floor space.

Boosted the Bowling Numbers

We are still getting plenty of return business for Laser Tag and are especially pleased how Battlefield LIVE has complimented the existing Ten Pin Bowling business. Rather than detract from the bowling numbers, it seems to have boosted them.
Peter, Victoria, AU

Because our brand of laser tag is turnkey there is no complicated installation managers can simply move the laser tag out and something else in to the same floor space. And many Bowling Alley Managers would be surprised as to how little square footage is needed for a laser tag arena.

Interested in finding out how laser tag can help your Bowling Alley? Read the Case Study.