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Zombie Hunting in Thorpe Park (& Elsewhere)

Zombie Hunting Comes To Thorpe Park  

This summer a hoard of zombies have invaded the woodland on the outskirts of Thorpe Park Resort in a new family friendly attraction.

Brave Zombie Hunters are needed help to hunt them down and eradicate them before an epidemic sweeps through Surrey, United Kingdom.

It is time for Zombie Hunters to take on this family-friendly interactive laser blaster experience to defeat the zombies and regain control of THORPE PARK Resort. Each Zombie Hunter is issued a laser tag Blaster. The blaster model is called the Cobra and is from Battlefield Sports.

Zombie Hunters then proceed to a mission briefing in the old Canada Creek Railway line where a friendly face prepares each team on the shooting range for battle. Equipped with a 'laser tag' Cobra gun Zombie Hunters then head onto a series of six thrilling scenes, each with their own character and scare. 

According to Thrill Nation "The game play works well, find the targets on the zombies and shoot! They have to be shot a certain number of times before they die and you can proceed!

(Tip: research the characters on the posters outside the attraction before entering.)

Overall, Zombie Hunt provides a really fun & interactive experience that is suitable for everyone (who can handle a scare or two of course)!"

zombie hunting in thorpe park

Zombie Hunt at Thorpe Park Review By Theme Park World Tour

Theme Park World Tour also reviewed the new attraction. 

Here's what the reviewers said.

"I really enjoyed it, it surprised me so much. I wasn't expecting it to be as scary as that," said Jack Silkstone.

"The end was so scary. I think it was pretty fun. It was exciting," said Kieran Adams.

"I really enjoyed it. It was actually a lot more fun then i thought it was going to be. Couple of scares on the way. The humor in there was good. It has some nice touches  [with references] to historical Thorpe Park attractions." said Michael Bolton from Scare tour.

"That was good, man. Every time we done it, and we have done it three times. Every time it was different. So don't expect the same thing as last time ," said Chris Davenport from Backseat Blackout.

"I thought it was incredible. To be honest we didn't know what to expect. We were not sure it if it would be live action or just targets to shoot at or actors running towards us. We really didn't know. So we were pleasantly surprised on how good it is and how accurate it was. Really, really enjoyed it. When you get in there you will be shocked," said Adam, UK Theme Parks. 

As noted on Thorpe Park's Facebook page "I did that [the zombie hunt] it was awesome 😍" said Tyler St George.

Zombie Hunt at Thorpe Park runs from 21st July and runs until 3rd September.

UPDATE: Zombie Hunt was named as a national finalist in the Scare Con awards for the Best Zombie Experience in the United Kingdom.

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Stun Them, Shock Them With A Zombie Laser Tag Experience

One of the core elements of a haunt is startle and scare.

The last thing you want to be is predictable.

Frights can be achieved by a prop, animatronics or actors popping out unexpectedly. But the most random and most unpredictable is a live actor.

Bait and switch works well. If patrons are focused on something on the left, then the startle appears from a camouflaged point on the right.

The more startle, the better.

For a real adrenaline pump patrons need a series of scares that cascade into a crescendo.

The first fright might be give the participants a minor heart attack, but just as they catch their breath, another scarier action appears.

Stunning them. Shocking them.

The top haunts nowadays have special effects, makeup and prosthetic just like in the movies.

Haunt customers today are seeking a new level of thrill.

Haunted house designers are always considering new ways to scare their customers.
Customers want to be a part of an interactive experience.

Be part of the action

Zombie dominaton Scoreboard

Zombie Domination Scoreboard in the SATRWARE system  

Horror Movie Campout

Play Zombie Domination in Cosplay (Horror Movie Campout)  

Guests want to be active participants rather than passive viewers.

Rather than simply walking or running through a haunted maze with zombie laser tag patrons become gamers.

They become part of the story. 

Heroes who live (or die) by defending each other against the zombie horde.

The Battlefield Sports technology enables a unique zombie game experience.

Mission Start - Kill Confirmed

The next generation of laser tag equipment lets your gamers take to the battlefield to destroy the undead.

The Battlefield Sports laser tag system is turnkey. If offers patented peer-to-peer technology.

Battlefield Sports is a world leader in laser tag innovation.

Its award-winning technology, SATR, adds a new element to haunted attractions.

SATR gives gamers real-time kill confirmation sound effects.

As well as kill confirmation via the red-dot scope.

Gamers can count how many zombies they've killed in real-time.

Gamers are armed with gaming guns, like the Honey Badger, P90, Spitfire Uzi (for military themed haunts) or the Commando, Scorpions or Morita (for fantasy themed haunted) or the Cobra (for a family-friendly themed attraction).

The Zombies are equipped with zombie melee packs.

This is cutting-edge technology. Serving more than 400 customers across more than 41 countries.

Battle the undead with the ultimate remedy to the zombie plague.

The zombie laser tag equipment played either indoors or outdoors.

Installation is straight forward, literally turn the key and you are "good to go!"

The equipment is 100% portable.

In fact, you don't even need electricity.

Add zombie laser tag to your haunt and attract a horde of new customers with the next generation of laser tag equipment.

Add zombie laser tag to your Haunt this Halloween and drive hordes of new customers to your attraction. Contact your local consultant today.

Fear on the Farm presents Inaugural Zombie Prom

Original reporting in the Putnam Review by Clint Thomas

While some may remember their own high school prom as a horror story, Battlefield Operator Steve Jordan has taken this to an entire new level with this new Zombie Prom.

Fear on the Farm have recently launched their first ever Zombie Prom.

the zombie prom

Party-goers were encouraged to dress as zombies for the ghoulish gala; a zombie king and queen was crowned during the evening. 

Jordan’s team served zombie cupcakes and zombie punch as spooky refreshments.

Music was spun by Sinister Sound DJs. Photographer Mike Winland was on-site to capture the scary scenes. There were also great prizes and giveaways “ghoul-ore.”

Zombie Laser Tag Equipment from Battlefield Sports

Fear on the Farm is an offshoot of Lee’s Studio Productions, which long-time dance instructor Lee Jordan opened in Winfield.

“We decided to add laser tag to Lee’s Studio Productions,” said Jordan, “and what better way to kick off this than the day after Zombie Prom?

“It’s really neat. We’ve been working with a group out of California called Battlefield Sports. They are literally top of the line when it comes to laser tag guns. There are really good laser tag guns and really bad laser tag guns. I wanted them to be the best.

“Zombie Laser Tag is so interactive, very theatrical. We put on so many shows and productions — I like to do things like that. It’s very inactive and touches on all the senses,” he said.

A Prom With A Spooky Twist

“The Zombie Prom is actually an event that people put on almost like a dance event,” Jordan explained last week. “It’s a little bit different, but it’s almost the same as the Mom Prom they do in Charleston in every year — but with zombies.”

Jordan said Zombie Proms have been held in different areas throughout the state and nation, but, to his knowledge, not in Putnam County. “I’ve been to a couple. It’s a great thing to bring people together in West Virginia.”

The Winfield resident said attendees are welcome to go “full zombie” in attire or only as “undead” as they desire in their fashions.
“It’s like dressing for prom, but however severe you want — from a bite on the head or neck or done head to toe,” Jordan said.

“We’re going to have a DJ,” he said, “and we’ll be playing some different games, with lots of zombie-themed prizes. We’re going to bring in judges to pick the best-looking zombies as king and queen.”

The Zombie Prom was open to ages 14 and older.

“It’s going to be a really big party. We wanted it to be like high school/college to adult. We didn’t want it for the little ones, but, of course, the little ones don’t go to prom, anyway.

“It’ll be in a family, safe atmosphere, with plenty of free parking,” Jordan said.

“If this goes well, I hope to have other themed parties. Around Halloween, we’d like to host a Vampires Ball. And maybe do a Rocky Horror Picture Show party, where people can dress up like the characters. This the kind of stuff West Virginia needs, and our facility is set up wonderfully for having these,” he said.

Fear on the Farm will enable gamers to zap zombies in Laser Tag challenges.  (Laser Tag sessions without zombies can also be booked on request.)

For additional information about Zombie Prom or Zombie Laser Tag or contact Fear on the Farm go to

This is Your Chance To Experience the "Zombie Resistance" 

Where is the most unlikely place for the beginning of the end of the world? State College, Pennsylvania, that's where. 

This Halloween don't' miss your chance to experience a live action experience of Zombie Resistance. 

The Back Story: a local construction company unearthed a pool of orange slop while breaking ground for a new senior living development. The airborne effects of the stuff was instantaneous. 

zombie resistance

The Game: Zombie Resistance is a 4-player, linear story-driven adventure through the ruins of an old drive-in theater.

According to battlefield operator, Kevin Walter from Base Tactics: "There is nothing like this in the state. All of the equipment used in the game is infrared-based with no projectiles. This isn't your typical "get-on-a-paintball-truck-and-shoot-zombies-in-protective-gear" kind of thing. Squads have to work together to keep zombie damage down to a minimum, WHILE solving puzzles and making decisions."

"Oh, and one last note: it is possible to lose in the end." 

Base Tactics team have also upgraded part of their live gaming arsenal to the latest SATR3 technology which enables even more thrilling zombie games. 

So gamers can select from three roles:

  • Civilian Defense Force (15 to 20 minute experience) 
  • Raven Mercenaries (Hard Mode - no extra respawns - choose this at your own risk (2 to 20 minute experience) 
  • Zombies! (60 to 120 minute experience) experience the horde first-hand.
For more info, visit Base Tactics click here