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Zombie Gauntlet at Comicon

More than 1,400 Brave Souls Experienced the Battlefield UNDEAD Zombie Gauntlet at Comicon

team BFLAZ and team BFL WilmingtonPhoenix ARIZONA: The crew at Battlefield LIVE Arizona embraced their inner geek at Phoenix Comicon last month.

A record number, 77,818 in fact, of fan-boys and fan-girls participated in the four day convention.

Of these more than 1,400 brave souls dared themselves to experience the Battlefield UNDEAD zombie gauntlet.

Heroes ran the Zombie Gauntlet to prove to themselves they could survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

It was Team “Zombies” versus Team Survivors or "Heroes". Each hero was armed with Battlefield Sports' gaming gun.

The hero's job?

Shoot the zombies (and try to survive)! Zombies started with 2 hit points (double tap). Heroes started with 5 hit points.zombie walk

Complete with awesome sound effects this new Zombie Technology from Battlefield Sports enabled gamers to play out as series of post apocalypse challenges.

Participants of all ages came from across Arizona to eliminate these zombies. One particularly brave young man ran the gauntlet 21 times.

The Melee Zombies attacked the heroes with an infrared beam which emitted a short range pulse as the zombies crawled, walked or simply staggered towards the heroes.

Their electronics were secreted away in their zombie costumes, the actors did not need gaming guns.

Room after room the heroes fought the zombie onslaught.

In fact Rooms 160 and 161 in the South Building were infested with the zombie outbreak.

Survivors were initially armed with a gaming gun with an emulation of a rifle, a Dragunov SVD.

Heroes had to battle their way through the Zombie Gauntlet make it to the Police Station to get an amour upgrade, i.e. upgrade to HP7.

"The one in pink [pictured] in the center is the BOSS ZOMBIE, she kept an eye out on all of her 'cubs' to ensure they didn't fail at their job," said Jeanie Burdi.

"She was very protective... if we got too close she got aggressive. We were able to enclose them in danger tape and we trained them through shock therapy to keep away from the tape... but we needed help in elimination," said Jeanie.

The team from Battlefield LIVE Wilmington, North Carolina stopped by the help reign in the zombie horde.boss zombie

"With the help from our friends at Battlefield LIVE Wilmington Phoenix Comicon 2014 was a success," said Mike Burdi.

"We were able to eliminate the zombie threat and save Phoenix from the invaders the South Building, sadly, a zombie invasion did occur on Friday were thousands of zombies walked the streets of Phoenix for a few hours, but they were reigned in and put in their place once again," said Mike.

Battlefield LIVE Arizona saved the day, keeping Phoenix safe from the zombie invasion.

The crew from BFLAZ are now planning an encore for 2015.