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Zombie Apocalypse Gamer Review - Epic

Zombie Apocalyse Continue to Thrill in Wales - Read the Latest Gamers' Reviews

"It is such a brilliant experience, so much fun and excitement! I would definately recommend this to everyone! The zombie apocalypse 1 is fantastic!" Gemma.

"Had a brilliant time yesterday on the zombie apocalypse with friends while meeting new ones, very well organised venue, definitely shall be going back 5/5★" Jason.

"Another fab zombie event and everyone who attended loved it, we wouldnt go anywhere else, fab and helpful staff, thank u and c u again soon," John.

"Second time doing the zombie event we had an amazing day the zombie was amazing definitely recommend it can't wait for the next one!" Adam.



Newtzy is a Senior Reviewer with Trip Advisor. Kate is also a Youth Development Worker with the Point Youth Group in Fishguard, south-west Wales. This is her review of Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire. (Reviewed April 8th 2014)


So I returned to Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire for another EPIC/AMAZING/WOWZA Zombie Apocalypse with my Youth Group on Saturday April 5th.

creepy zombies at Battlefield LIVE in PembrokeshireLuckily it was still light and as we had been before it wasn't as scary - HAH who am I kidding - we were TERRIFIED!

This time we were fighting for survival against another surviving group - and had to dominate certain survival kit - harder than it sounds - especially when you are running away from the two stray Zombies that were roaming around!

When your 20 lives are gone - you had to re-spawn - IN THE GATES OF HELL!

The first time I had to re-spawn I had to have some of my youth group go with me - it was very very nerve racking - especially when you are then chased by two child zombies!

And when the gates of hell are opened --- still gives me chills seeing all these zombies come sprawling out! RUUUUUN!

All in all the event was again AMAZING - everyone came away with smiles on their faces and filled with adrenaline!

The staff make you feel at ease, they guide you when you're stuck, and if you were too scared (I wasn't, promise) they took you around the gates of hell.

I cannot recommend Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire enough - a family outing, a stag/hen do, Youth group, girls vs boys - whatever, make sure you get yourself booked in for a thrilling and scary event!

We will be seeing you soon Battlefield LIVE!

Thank you for another amazing zombie event! If we could give you 10 stars we would!  

zombie host from Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire Some of the comments from our young people:

  • 'That was amazing'
  • 'I've never been so scared in my life'
  • 'How come our team didn't dominate anything? Is that because we were all hiding because we were scared'
  • "Can we go again?"
  • 'Imagine what it was like in the DARK!'
  • 'Cannot wait for the next one'
  • 'I'd suck in a real zombie apocalypse - but this one is epic!'
  • 'A zombie bumped into me - im taking that as a zombie hug.'

Thank you to all of BATTLEFIELD LIVE PEMBROKESHIRE who made this event amazing beyond belief.

It's nice to see events that are different and make you push yourself even when you're scared.

If you haven't visited Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire before - you really need to go!

For more info, visit Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire, click here.