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Your Players are the Stars of your Show

All the World is a Stage 

Your Players Are The Stars of Your Show

Thrill Your Gamers

Your players are the stars of your show.

Laser tag games are just like being in a theatre: a hybrid between a virtual reality experience and a Broadway production.

The gamers live the story.

They experienced scenarios inspired by modern video games – live!

laser tag games with fireworks

Engineered For Heroes 

In other words, you and your crew are the stage-managers and directors of one of the coolest events of your customers’ lives. Every player wants to be the hero of their own story – and your goal is to make that happen. You create experiences that thrill your gamers and bring people together. You create unforgettable memories. When running a laser tag event there are several components, namely:

  • the front-of-house
  • the back-stage
  • the director. 

When you start out running small games you might be all three: handling registration, setting up the ‘stage’, and running the adventure.  As you grow, others might join your stage productions: 

  • an assistant (such as a registration officer or party host) to work the front-of-house or 
  • a quartermaster to handle back-stage. 
Whether you are on your own or have a team, your job is to put the players (and organizers) at-ease. 

It is all about the experience from the moment they arrive at the moment they leave. Your crew needs consistency. Whether it is the uniform they wear, how they welcome each player, or what games they organize. 

Consistency is key!

Think ahead.

Every live gaming experience (think: it's kinda like a play) has a plot: 

  • the start, 
  • middle, and 
  • end. 
What game will be the best to start with? Introduce the players to the story while building their excitement. What happens next? Plan ahead so you can bring your story to its crescendo! Then to end, ensure that every player has experienced something unforgettable. Let them compare their scores and chat with their friends. And remember every player is the hero of their own story – everyone is a winner.

It’s vital that you and your crew build rapport with the gamers.

If a player seems to be confused or towing behind the line give them some advice. Many players have never played laser tag before and may need some helpful instruction to improve their experience. 

Offer the gamers encouragement and advice from the wings. 

If you see them aiming directly into a log or other barricade, then offer some encouragement or some tips on lifting their scope/barrel for clear line-of-sight. Communication is paramount. 

When you are welcoming gamers, remember the first thing and the first impression of the entire business is your smile. 


If the session is running behind schedule, let the parents waiting to know. Tell them that instead of a 4 pm finish, the event is likely to finish at 4:15 pm. 

Be considerate.

Maybe people lead busy lives so they might have another appointment to go to. 

If you keep up the communication then they are less likely to be stressed. 

For the organizers as well as the gamers attention to detail will always be a plus in their book! Because, at the end of the day, you want to ensure that every single player who experiences your games make some thrilling memories.

Memories they will never forget. 

When you start out as a ‘director’ it’s a great idea to run through a session with some of your friends and family as guinea-pigs. They will be more understanding than paying customers! Do a run-through from beginning to end to see how it goes.

Remember your mission is to make sure that every single player who books in with your operation and every single game they play should be one to remember.

Remember the mantra: “Every Game, Every Gamer”.