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Winter Is Coming This Summer: Epic Fantasy LARP

Epic Fantasy Live Action Role Play 

WINTER IS COMING THIS SUMMER: Experience Your Own Epic Fantasy  



Imagine you as the hero and with your trusty crossbow and together you victorious over a horde of Wights and Giants. 

Since “Winter is Coming” summer is a great time to get outdoors. If you are anything like me you have watched every episode of the “Game of Thrones” you’ve added a photo of it to your lock screen, and you’ve even got the coffee mug and the t-shirt. 

But it is STILL months away before the finale season. 

What to do? 

Experience An Epic Fantasy LARP For Yourself  

Experience Westeros for yourself, that’s what.

More and more summer camps and their campers are embracing the world of fantasy live-action role-playing and the Game of Thrones is just one inspiration. 

Other summer camps are inspired by traditional table-top games like Dungeons and Dragons or popular video games like Final Fantasy. 

What is a LARP?

Live-action role-play, or LARP, is a combination of re-enactment, storytelling, and gaming – players are given a role and act out their character’s actions within an overarching story. It is an immersive story experience where costumes, props, and scenography combine to set the scene for a unique and memorable experience. 

LARP is a dynamic offshoot of table-top games like Dungeons and Dragons. Larping is where a group of a few gamers or a huge throng of players assume characters within a fictional setting authored by a game master. 

With a live-action experience wizards and warriors can fight off monsters throughout a forest setting (land of snow and ice may or may not be required) or in an underground bunker or a labyrinth of caves. Or just about anywhere a live scenario can be played out. 

If you are a Game of Thrones tragic or a devotee of Dungeons and Dragons then a live-action fantasy gaming is for you.  

While many larps were often an amateur pastime commercial experiences are becoming more common. 

Fantasy and adventure themes offer participants the opportunity to escape from their everyday lives by dressing up and inhabiting magical narrative worlds.

These days, the world of immersive gameplay is becoming big business

More and more organizations are getting into the game manufacturing fantasy weapons, costumes, armor, and jewelry for larpers around the world.

The new Battlefield Sports SATR3 live gaming system is getting its fantasy groove on. And Battlefield Sports’ specialty is live gaming weapons. 

epic fantasy larp
While foam swords have their place, gamers can level up the intensity by using the SATR live gaming system. The newest innovation from Battlefield Sports is an underslung SATRAIR unit attached to a crossbow. 

By adding an integrated red-dot scope the crossbow becomes a modern fantasy weapon.

Since the computer system tracks the battles there is no need to stop mid-stream and roll some dice to see who shot whom. 
The SATR3 system also supports shields and spells.

The SATRAIR unit made of fiber-reinforced polycarbonate. It weighs 1.9lbs or 850 grams. Its standard issue color is black with an orange rim. But the tube can be switched out to red or blue for team identification. The unit is 12.6 inches or 32 centimeters. Integrated into the enclosure is a tri-colored hyper-bright which is terrific for indoor gaming or night fighting missions.

To go “Beyond the Wall” with your own Free-folk and Night’s Watch to experience your own Iron Throne Experience, your very own live fantasy epic then contact your local consultant today.