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Why Wireless Head-Sensors Aren't Practical

SATR is a practical gaming solution

Why Wireless Head-Sensors are not Practical

Battlefield Sports Offers a Practical Live Gaming Solution, Especially For Large Groups

Here at Battlefield Sports, we feel going wireless for head sensors is not a practical solution, especially for very large groups. 

Can you imagine 100+ gamers or even 40 or so gamers scattered out in the forest and then a couple of kids loose their head sensor?

gamers with head sensors
If the head-sensors are wireless they can simply fall off or the gamer might take them off so it is harder for them to be shot. 

Faster Throughput for Busy Gaming Events 

Likewise if you are running a festival where you have lots of people cycling through fast games, then having to switch the gaming gun separately the head sensor then this is likely to slow your throughput.

I think that these two items would often get separated and you would need to re-sync them and that would slow down the throughput. The bottom line means that if you are getting paid per ticket then could mean less income for your laser tag business. 

No Need For Multiple Batteries 

Finally with the Battlefield Sports solution the head-sensor is wired into the main battery. The heavy-duty battery offers between 8 to 16 hours of game play between re-charge so this means you can play all day.

If your laser tag system has a separate head-sensor, such as a wireless system then you would need two batteries.

We found that before we had the red-dot scope integrated with the main battery our staff were always forgetting to turn the scope off, so we wasted a lot of batteries! 

In summary, the Battlefield Sports SATR offers a practical live action gaming solution which enables faster throughput for busy gaming events and there is no need for multiple batteries types and sizes.