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Why Upgrade? #7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Technology

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Why Upgrade? #7 Reasons To Upgrade Your Technology  

The Reasons

Deciding to upgrade your live-action gaming technology can be motivated by many reasons.

Investing in new technology is an opportunity for your business to grow and secure it for the future.

Sometimes, the decisions are easy and inexpensive.

Maybe you want a new battery or replace a button.

But other decisions take more investment.

Is it time to upgrade your arsenal to the latest patented technology with new motherboards?

Or is time to trade in your old equipment for brand new gear?

Here are seven reasons to upgrade your tech:

  • Reason #1 - You really, really want it
  • Reason #2 - Less Staff

  • Reason #3 - Easier to Use & Less Staff Training

  • Reason #4 - Old Hardware (SD card) is Obsolete

  • Reason #5 - New Games Gives You a Competitive Advantage

  • Reason #6 - You Have Budget

  • Reason #7 - FOMO

upgrade your tech

Reason #1 - You really, really want it

OK so you've been waiting on the sidelines for a while.

But you really, really, want the new tech which gives you the latest live-action gaming gear.

You get more than 375 emulations, more than 18,000 sound effects, and loads of new and thrilling missions to play

Yep, it may be "gadget lust"! But so be it.

Go on, you know you deserve it! 

Reason #2 - Less Staff

The new options in the Master Controller mean you can run events with more players with less staff. For example, you can trigger pre-recorded phrases with the " Phrase Command". This will issue a voice-over on every players’ gaming gun. (All the gaming guns on the same Battle as that Controller. The system can cater for up to 8 separate battles running at once without crossfire.) 

There are in-game phrases such as "Go! Go! Go!" or "Tactical Point Captured by Alpha Team."

There are post-game phrases like "Come to the Briefing Area" or "Change Ends".

There are also results like "Bravo Team is Victorious!"

More, if you are running the same game but asking the teams to switch ends, then the Controller can issue a command to automatically switch the boxes (Battle Boxes set to "Medic" or "Vault" or "Flag Box") from Team A to Team B.

And visa-versa.

No need to physically reposition the bases. Now it's done automatically.

We all need to get more done in less time.

Perhaps now more than ever before.

The new tech means you and your staff can be more productive. It's about getting more done using less time or fewer resources. The bottom line is this: If we can get more done in less time, we might get more time with our families, and maybe even get a full night's sleep.

With less staff rostered on at each and every event, this means will mean more return on investment.

Reason #3 - Easier to Use & Less Staff Training

While the SATR3 is jam-packed full of geeky complexity, there are also easy "lock-out" settings. You can literally "set & forget".
So, the system remembers the way it was set up last time you turned it on.

You can literally turn the key & start blasting.

This saves a heap of time on staff training.  

Getting started is easy,.

Battle Boxes can be set to “Recommend Options”, the staff member simply selects on boot the device they need for the mission.

In some cases the team as well. 

Once the Battle Box is ready to go, you are ready to run one of the Battlefield Sports' fantastic fully integrated missions.

These missions include:

  • Heist
  • Electronic Capture the Flag, 
  • Battle Royale with the automatic shrinking battlefield, 
  • Domination and 
  • the classic Team Death Match.  

The game-changing Supply Crates available in the Battlefield Royale theme can also be found on the "Recommend Options" menu.

Reason #4 - Old Hardware (SD card) is Obsolete

Class 2 SD Cards which housed the sound effects on the old SATR1 and SATR2 software are obsolete.

They simply are not made anymore!

So, eventually, as old motherboards fail, Operators will need to order replacements, which include new Class 10 SD cards.

The new motherboard has a fast processor so it means that the game-play not only sounds better the sound effects are issued in a more seamless manner. This means better immersive gaming. Check out our special EOFY offer to service and upgrade your tech at our Australian HQ.

Reason #5 - New Games Gives You a Competitive Advantage

New games, new immersive experiences that surprise and delight your gamers. New scenarios like "Battle Royale" are on-trend and drive new bookings.

From SATR3.12+ you get the new game "Battle Royale". The new system, for example, automatically shrinks the size of the playing area (just like in the video game Fortnite)

I've heard of some Operators actually running around the perimeter of their battlefield manually moving the medic boxes closer and closer in to create a similar effect.

From SATR3.15h8+ you get the new game "Bullseye". A super easy version of "Domination".

This is a feature that Battlefield Operators love!

Better still, with the latest SATR3 software you can incorporate a comprehensive scoring & game management software "SATRWARE" or use the streamlined scoring software that's great for mobile laser tag operators "SATR-Go!". 

It is worth it.

Competitiveness is about how strong your business is in comparison to others in your market. If others have similar tech in your markets, then you'll need to keep up and not be left behind.

Reason #6 - You Have Budget

Use it or lose it.

Many organizations have budgets that need to be used by the end of the year, or they might not get the same allocation next year.

Plus, some businesses have had access to government grants or support that needs to be invested in technology that will help their business thrive again.

Reason #7 - FOMO

You just really, really want it.

And you don't want to miss out. #FOMO

Summary: What Are Your Reasons?

When you are considering upgrading your tech, run through these reasons.

Built an understanding of the factors involved in the upgrade decision.

Which ones apply to you?

If you need to make your case to your Board of Directors (or Spouse!) then think through these reasons before presenting your proposal. That way you can present a credible case.

It might just help you clinch the deal.