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Why Play The Domination Game?

The Popular Domination Game - Why It Is A Good Choice For Your Battlefield 

domination gameThe Domination Game is one of the most popular missions. Locally, when we run our Battlefield LIVE (Laser Skirmish) sessions we kick off the event with a Domination Game. 

For small groups use one domination box (placed in the center of the battlefield) and for large groups use three domination boxes (spread out along the central diameter of the battlefield).

As with most games each team gets respawns from a medic box from their team's base camp. 

The Domination Game is a timed game. You can set the duration to 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes. The master controller is used to set a game timer so that the boxes and the gaming guns all end together automatically. The shorter the game the higher your throughput. 

If you are playing indoors start all the gamers in hard mode with the default 3 hit points and the range setting to "Indoor". If you are playing outdoors start in standard on 5 hit points. 

How Do You Play the Domination Game? 

red team in control - domination gameBoth teams receive unlimited respawns from their bases gamers, ideally, start out of sight of each other. Players shoot the Domination Box and the opposition.

If a gamer from the Bravo team shoots the box, it starts flashing blue, and the computer inside the Domination Box times how long blue is in control.

If someone from Alpha team color shoots the box, the computer stops the time for the blue team and starts the time for the red time. The light on the box also flashes red. Determining the victor is easy. At the end of the mission the team that earns the most amount of time wins.

The winning team color flashes at the end of the game and the box has a cool sound effect: "Alpha team is victorious" or "Red team is victorious".

The Domination Box can set up to either shoot the box to swap teams, or to press the button to swap teams. We never use the push the button option ourselves, it is only there for people that use our domination box who don't use SATR technology.

We find that shooting the box is much more manageable as they can only shoot the box if they are alive.

domination box yellow - blue team

This is a huge practical benefit versus systems with unintegrated domination boxes.   

Why Play Domination? 

We love the Domination Game because it is simple to run and simple for players to understand. Plus they are familiar with the format from video games so they get it immediately. Next, everyone plays the whole time, no one sits out at all. It is a game format that works as a team game, yet everyone participates the whole time. This is just what you want in a commercial operation.

This is  especially true for the first couple of games. It works great as an icebreaker.

Domination is fast and furious. Players want action! The more action the better. Hiding at back will not win the game, only bold advances towards the objective will do. Unlimited respawns make it forgiving. Medic boxes providing respawns back at each team's base camp creates the good game flow, duplicating the successful flow of modern video games.   

Most importantly this mission is team oriented. Battlefield LIVE is about team games. Battlefield LIVE is about winning as a team not as a individual. This creates a positive gamer culture. It becomes, not "every man for himself" but "how we can win together" culture. 

Instant Victory!

At the end of the game the SATR system pauses everyone automatically. If the blue team had control the most time then the box will flash blue and there is a cool SFX which says "blue team is victorious!". This is great for battlefield operators because telling which team is the victor is quick and intuitive. (And you can't argue with a computer!)

Lastly, this game gives the Battlefield Operator some scope to "rig" the games. If you are running a scratch public session then gamers of various skills level can be all playing together. One team might be much better than the other. So sometimes it is necessary to give the underdogs a fighting chance. For example an Operator can use the Master Controller to switch (without the players knowing) the gaming guns from standard mode to hard mode. If one team still more help you can switch them from standard to easy mode. Either way it is important that each team experiences that "we won!" moment.   

In a team game half the players win every game. In a 2 hour forest session we usually play a series of 4 x 15 games. We make sure that each team  wins at least 1 game. So everyone is a winner. This is critical for commercial entertainment.