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Why Live-Action Gaming Brand Activation Work

Brand Activation Marketing

Why Live-Action Gaming Brand Activation Just Work

Introduction to Brand Activation

Over the years Battlefield Sports has been part of many brand activations.

Brand activation is to show customers that promises made in advertising are true, really true.

For all sorts of brands, from movie premieres like Divergent, and video game launches like Call of Duty, activations are important. 

Activations for gaming companies like Warhammer, and even activations for mega-brands like Nintendo and Microsoft all help move the needle for these household names. 

These brands all created an experience for their business’s audience so their customers could experience that brand first-hand.

If you are looking for brand activation ideas, look no further!

Nowadays our job as marketers is to get customers to know, like and trust our brands.

brand activation

By engaging with customers and enabling them to immerse themselves in an experience, brands can foster positive associations and create long-term brand loyalty.

The thing is, customers can only be loyal to brands they remember. A marketer who sets business brands (and their products and services) apart from the rest is in demand.

And creating a one-of-a-kind experience or a money-can’t-buy experience for a brand's audience is certainly memorable!

Laser tag games, also known as live-action gaming experiences create an emotional connection between a brand & the audience. Customers who engage with a brand are more likely to become long-term customers.

The right approach gives your brand a long-lasting impact.

Brand activations and experiential marketing create memorable experiences for customers and give them a chance to interact with the brand.

brand activation with live-action gaming

Brand Activation Examples: Live-Action Gaming!

Some Brand Activation Case Studies

Customers come in all shapes and sizes. And so do brand activations.

Brand Activation Examples: Live-Action Gaming!

Imagine Orks. Imagine Imperial Guardsmen. Imagine testing your best war cry!

A world-first, gamers experienced Kill Team live at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, USA.

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Splatoon Video Game Launch Chile

As part of this video game launch, Cencosud shopping malls across Chile transformed a mainstream shopping mall into a Splatoon fest. The launch was a huge success.

More than 3,000 people played the live-action game version of Splatoonas part of the launch. The event was so successful that the Splatoon game from Nintendo sold out across the Cencosud shopping malls in the first two days.

Halo Video Game Launch Canada

Since Halo: Combat Evolved debuted years and years ago, Microsoft has continued to create new and exciting versions of the brand in the sci-fi shooter series.

And every time they do a new release launch, they create memorable brand activations.

Each time eager fans line up for hours, for the launch of HALO Reach, Microsoft created a live experience of the game live in Vancouver and Toronto.

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DIVERGENT – Movie Premiere in the UK

The premiere of the sci-fi movie Divergent was celebrated with a fan experience outside the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, London.

And this premier experience didn't just last one night, no!

This premier experience was an entire weekend.

The red carpet location was transformed into the film’s dystopian setting.

Fans participated in ‘initiation tests’ and ‘dauntless training’, similar to what Divergent’s protagonist Tris Prior does in the movie.

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Summing Up: Brand Activation

Whether you are considering a movie premiere or a video game midnight launch, brand activations are exciting!

According to Bob Liodice, President of the Association of National Advertisers, brand activation is a way to energize your brand through multiple sources and bring people closer.

As reported in Chron, brand activation refers to generating consumer interest by allowing consumers to use a product or experience a service. In this way, the brand's value is "activated," or realized by the consumer, who then connects the value given with the brand and walks away with a strong impression. With enough brand activation work, a core of consumers will have a strong, favorable opinion about the business because of personal interaction and will spread this opinion among others. (source)

Consider how your local live-action gaming business can be part of a unique brand activation.

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