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Who has the right personality to start a laser tag business?


Ask Yourself, Do You Have the Right Personality to Start a Laser Tag Business? 

you've seen the movies, you've played the games Before recruiting yourself to run your own laser tag business, consider whether you possess the personality traits needed to run a commercial battlefield.

Before starting to hunt for the perfect location and before ordering your laser tag equipment you must decide one thing.

Is being the ‘General’ of your own commercial laser tag operation right for you?

Sure, running games all day for a living might sound like a lot of fun. But this isn’t some too good to be a true business. Sure it can be lots of fun. But it is also hard work.

This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Rather it is a stable business when cultivated with some good old fashioned hard slog.

Take a minute to consider your personality traits.

If you have had a career in human resources or have been a sports coach in a past career then a focus on team building would serve you best. Alternatively, if you have your own kids, and know how to run a birthday party, then this could be right up your ally!

Evaluate your qualities and decide for yourself.

Consider what you are good at (and not so good). Knowing your own talents is a necessary tool to start a business.
So take out a piece of paper, and scribble down your attributes under each heading:
  • Talents and skills
  • Hobbies
  • Weaknesses
  • Past experience.

Jot down as many ideas, things you need to do as a business owner. Everything you can think of that requires the talents, smarts, and experience that you have. You’ll be surprised by the number of possibilities!

Ask yourself: Are you a social person?

As the owner of a laser tag business, you need to interact with lots of people.

If you can relate to different types of personalities, if you are happy to communicate with them and you can put yourself in their shoes, it certainly helps.

Here are some traits of a successful battlefield owner:

  • Operators who make themselves available on the battlefield
  • Operators who are willing to spend time troubleshooting (both the gaming guns and the missions!)
  • Operators who get to know their customers, to understand their needs and want to know their playing styles and can coach them to improve their gameplay.

Can you see yourself thriving within a fast‐paced environment?

Somewhere there is a lot of motion, that is to say, somewhere there are lots of people moving about, loud noises, multiple people asking you questions at once?

If you know you are good at crowd control then a new venture in battlefield ownership might just be the ticket for you.

Do you like Kids & Teens?

The saying goes "never work with children or animals" but in a laser tag business, while you might need to entertain any pets, your mainstay customer will be kids. 

Likewise, teens and young adults love combat games. 

To really succeed you need to love youth and be ready to network with them.

Are you a good coach?

Having a coaching or leadership background is certainly an advantage. Also, having experience in a sports coaching or a military team leader role lends you in good stead

to run ‘crowd control’ on your gamers.

It might sound funny, but if you have, say, 50 or even 100 people in your armory milling about, you need to be VERY clear with your instructions. Otherwise, mission briefings can take way too long and people can get bored waiting for something to happen. 

Coaches and team leaders are often there, going the extra mile, for the benefit of other people.

They love helping others make it.

Can you referee?

The Battlefield Sports’ gaming guns do make cheating less likely because the gaming guns automatically turn themselves off immediately when the gamer takes their last hit.

But you cannot rely on the computer to run the game for you. It is important to ensure that you and the other referees actually run the missions, vigilantly. 

Umpires, or marshals, who oversee that both teams are balanced, are playing fairly and have reasonably even challenges.

(Though, certainly, “war” even our mock war games are never 100% balanced!)

Our automation with smart medic boxes and hand‐held master controllers assist with refereeing the games.

Can you cope with the mêlée?

Managing many people and competing priorities, such as:

  • friendly customer service
  • gamers of all ages
  • safety concerns
  • fair gameplay
  • can create a bit of a mêlée.

In other words a fog of war that you need to rise above and handle the fast and furious pace. 

Do you have a passion for live gaming?

Above all ask yourself do you love gaming? From mil-sim scenarios to historical battle reenactments or straightforward shoot ‘em ups for birthday parties there is inherent fun in gaming.

Battlefield LIVE offers a fully choreographed and game tested handbook of games for you.

Likewise, many tournaments, both around the gaming inflatables and forest terrain, have been run around the world.

Battlefield LIVE has a million variants, from light-hearted family fun days to multi-day hard-core boot camps.

The common thread interlacing them is the team play.

So if you are up for this high‐energy, adrenaline‐pumped exertainment then keep reading because a Battlefield LIVE business is definitely for you. 

Can you get things done?

Are you the sort of person who can make things happen?

A live gaming business requires good execution skills.

Consider too:
  1. Can you lift heavy objects?
  2. Have you got a current Driver's License (suitable for a light commercial vehicle)?
  3. Are you prepared to work on the weekends?
  4. Do you have a first-aid certificate? 

Getting things done yourself, and getting other people to get things one is important.

Consider: Is this right for me?

Take a moment to consider if a live gaming business is a good match with your skills, aspirations, and talents. 

This is not an easy‐peasy job.

While running a laser tag business can be challenging, on the flip-side there are rewards.

You get to deliver the live gaming experience to your customers.


In conclusion, just ask yourself if you have the right sort of personality to operate a battlefield business. Give yourself some time to discover if do you have a passion for live gaming and laser tag. Are you a social person. can you see yourself thriving within a fast-paced environment, can you cope with a melee, do you like kids, are you a good coach. can you referee a game? are you good at getting things done? And then finally ask yourself: is this right for me.