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Which Group Types Drive the Most Business

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Which Group Types Drive The Most Bookings To Your Battlefield Business?

Battlefield Business Trends 

With the fast pace of the live interactive experience industry, it can be challenging to keep up with trends.

Despite this year many live gaming operators being in lock-down certain group types created more bookings than others throughout the year.

A perennial trend: Birthdays and Special Occasions remain the mainstay of Battlefield Operators' businesses.

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Battlefield Poll Results

In a recent survey of Battlefield Operators from seven countries were surveyed.

Almost three-quarters of them said that birthday parties drive the most business to their battlefield business.

Feedback was garnered from the USA, Australia, the UK, the Caribbean, Denmark, Greece and Belgium.

Operators also indicated that certain group types drove the most bookings to their business, including:

  • Birthday Parties - 74%
  • School Groups - 13%

  • Summer Camps / Vacation Care - 5%
  • Sports Teams - 4%
  • Church Groups / Youth Groups - 4%

"Since we started this business our top 3 group types have been: 1. Birthdays, 2. School Groups / Vacation Programs and 3. Church / Youth Groups," said Nicole Lander, Chief Fun Officer, Laser Skirmish.

The sentiment was similar half a world away in North America. "Birthdays by far especially now. We sell out every weekend with over 90 laser taggers in inventory. There aren’t many fun, COVID safe options for kids here in the USA," Andrew Cursio from the Outdoor Laser Tag USA.

What are the most popular group types in your operation?