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Where is the most unlikely place for the beginning of the end of the world?

This is Your Chance To Experience the "Zombie Resistance" 

Where is the most unlikely place for the beginning of the end of the world? State College, Pennsylvania, that's where. 

This Halloween dont' miss your chance to experience a live action experience of Zombie Resistance. 

The Back Story: a local construction company unearthed a pool of orange slop while breaking ground for a new senior living development. The airborne effects of the stuff was instantaneous.  

zombie resistance games
The Game: Zombie Resistance is a 4-player, linear story-driven adventure through the ruins of an old drive-in theater.

According to battlefield operator, Kevin Walter from Base Tactics: "There is nothing like this in the state. All of the equipment used in the game is infrared-based with no projectiles. This isn't your typical "get-on-a-paintball-truck-and-shoot-zombies-in-protective-gear" kind of thing. Squads have to work together to keep zombie damage down to a minimum, WHILE solving puzzles and making decisions."

"Oh, and one last note: it is possible to lose in the end." 

Base Tactics team have also upgraded part of their live gaming arsenal to the latest SATR3 technology which enables even more thrilling zombie games. 

So gamers can select from three roles:

  • Civilian Defense Force (15 to 20 minute experience) 
  • Raven Mercenaries (Hard Mode - no extra respawns - choose this at your own risk (2 to 20 minute experience) 
  • Zombies! (60 to 120 minute experience) experience the horde first-hand.
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