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Whats Your Business Story?

Facebook Creates An App To Help Tell Your Business Story

If you had a simple app that could create a professional video by combining a series of images and a short sentence that summarizes your business in under 5 minutes would you be interested?

Of course!

This month Facebook have launched this new app that celebrates their milestone of 3 million advertisers. Better still for Facebook according to Mari Smith, Social Media Expert, there is more than 1 billion people who are connected to a Business via Facebook.

new facebook video appFacebook says "Each of these businesses has a unique story and mission. Whether it’s fashion or fitness, confidence or creativity, each business offers something to its customers and communities that no one else does."

In under 5 minutes Facebook admins can create the video in 3 easy steps:

  • step 1 - select 8 images that epitomizes your business
  • step 2 - finish the sentence "We're in the business of _________"
  • step 3 - choose a music soundtrack

and voila!

Here at Battlefield LIVE... we’re in the business of creating experiences gamers will never forget.

Visit our Facebook brand page to check out our Business Story Video, click here.

So visit and start creating your business videos!