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What's New In SATR3 Live Gaming System?



What Is New In The SATR3 Live Role Playing Gaming System?

Global laser tag technology innovator, Battlefield Sports, has launched its third generation of the SATR software. Battlefield Sports is the original brand of outdoor laser tag, having started back in 1999 with an analog system. 

Battlefield Sports originally launched its digital platform, SATR1, in 2009. 

The team has continuously sought to improve and innovate. In 2014 SATR2 was launched. 

Then in 2017, the company launched SATR3. Gamers and operators have benefited from some exciting new benefits. 

During the last several years, Battlefield Sports has continued to innovate.


So What's New? 

Our brand of laser tag guns enables gamers to fire infrared "bullets' to simulate direct-fire, integrating authentic light and sound effects with real-time hit feedback. Now SATR3 also supports the American Civil War, monsters, spell casting, and tank battles! Not to mention our new game format: Battlefield Royale!

The core patented features of SATR remain, such as the real-time hit-feedback and the peer-to-peer operations. The real-time hit-feedback is improved and even more reliable with the expanded functionality of the new radio repeater. 

As before the Master Controller is your portable device that sets up and manages the games. The menus have been categorized into:

  • Infrared Commands
  • Radio Commands
  • Monitor Devices (For Scoring)
  • Controlling devices (remote radio  control of devices)
  • Phrases (voice-overs) - these are spoken messages issued directly to each player via their gaming gun's speaker e.g. "alpha team is victorious" or "red team is in control" 
  • Common Settings
  • Rare Settings 

SATR3 is an immersive live gaming or live-action role play (LARP) gaming system. Gamers worldwide can gear up for the most authentic, thrilling, live gaming experience with this new technology. 

This is the next generation of live video gaming - be a part of the action. 

What's New & Improved Feature by Feature

Feature SATR2 SATR3+ (Current Software) Notes
Tight beam long-range gaming Yes Yes Play indoors or outdoors, day or night 
Head & Barrel sensors standard Yes Yes
Patented peer to peer hit feedback system Yes Yes
Scope feedback when target hit Yes Upgraded SATR3 adds a different number of red dot flashes to indicate hit, wound, kill, healed or stunned target
Smart lower power drain recoil 
through scope
Yes Yes
Sound Effects 444 SFX More than 18,000 SFX SFX depending on the gaming theme 
Real Times statistics with game/
session stats
Yes Yes
Multiple Range Settings Yes Yes
Teams 2 7 With or without friendly fire on
Battles - separate isolated games 4 8
Any gaming gun to operate 
as any device
Yes Yes
Emulations 69 355+ Now includes weapons, spells, medical treatments, shields and specials like Pick Pocket and Find Traps.
Weapon Slots (one gun switch between emulations) 1 8 Battlefield Royale Theme: Up to 8: 4 weapons + 4 aides. e.g. medic with first aid, a P90, and a combat knife
All Other Themes: Up to 8 weapons. 
Themes (like Battlefield LIVE, Horror, Fantasy, ACW, etc) 3 12+ 12 genres plus ALL. Now includes Battlefield Royal LIVE - think "Fortnite LIVE" 
Effects (such as piercing damage, healing, burning, stun) 1 7
Monsters 1 36 Only Zombies were supported in SATR2. Now there's a raft of undead!
Pre-defined character templates No 77 Different templates are 
associated with different themes
Sophisticated damage 
resolution system
No Yes Different weapon damages, 
variable damage and healing
Radio area of effect weapons Bombs and RPGs No  Yes
Simulated Armor - damage reduction No Yes
Shields - active defense No Yes
NEW "Battle Royale" Mission support (Battle Royale Box) No Yes Easy to run and very, very popular - 
new standard mission. Requires whip antenna. 
Electronic "Capture the Flag" Mission support (Flag Box) No Yes Easy to run and very popular - 
new standard mission
"Rush" mission support (Rush Box) Part Yes
"Heist" mission support (Vault, 
Money Drop)
No Yes
Difficulty levels 3 4 Legendary added - super hard!
Hit rate difficulty adjustment No Yes Often the best way to subtly 
handicap a team
Mystery Box Yes Upgraded Can set to only provide simple to use weapon mystery - helpful!
Perk Box - random in-game 
temporary perks
Part Upgraded New in games perks like "Crack Shot" & "Steady Aim" 
Mystery Armor Box No Yes More in-game random upgrade, 
gamers love it.
Battlefield Tag option - super simple lockout Yes Yes
"You're Dead" or "You're Deactivated" voice over when  
trigger pulled
No Yes SFX depending on the genre 
Voice overs on all menu options to aid staff training No Yes
Weapon Classes (Rifles, SMGs,
 Melee, etc)
4 25 Weapon classes depend on the genre
Spells and special monster attacks No Yes
Head Shot damage multiplier No Yes Does not apply to Battlefield TAG theme - so you can keep the games straight-forward if wanted 
BATTLE BOX: Medic Box, Domination 
Box, Ammunition Box
Yes Yes - expanded The Battle Box can now be configured in 22 ways! 
MELEE BOX / QUESTER: Zombies, Monsters, Characters  Yes Yes - expanded The Melee Box can now be configured 24 ways! (In SATR2 there was only support for Zombies, now there is a huge variety of monsters & characters). 
Dirty Mine, Claymore Mine, Radio Repeater Yes Yes
Detonator - trigger mines by radio control No Yes
Remote monitoring of scoring info on the controller via radio  No Yes Saves walking to a box, time saver
Trigger pre-recorded phrases 
e.g. "Bravo Team is Victorious!"
No Yes
Find Command on the controller No Yes A really helpful feature for operators
Remote control devices from 
No  Yes
User-configurable system Moderate   Extreme Very flexible and modifiable system
Combination box automatic 
Only the Respawn was auto Both. 
Plus Respawn via Radio
No need to point your head sensor towards the medic box, rather just get close in the respawn "zone" and the gamer is automatically respawned. 
Respawn counting on Medic Box Yes Improved
Real-Time Game Management Windows App No Yes Called "SATR-HUB"
Real-Time Scoreboard Windows App No Yes Called "SATR-SCORE"
Treasure Box No Yes Supports Treasure Hunt and Escape Activities, integrated with Virtual keys
Supply Crates No  Yes Just like in the video game Fortnite, get extra loot from a Supply Crate