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What Makes a Good Employee

What are the Characteristics that You Look for in a Good Employee?

The laser tag industry is always looking for capable, loyal and reliable staff.

With the growth of the sector, it is important to select a good team to help your business expand.

staff and team work Here are some key factors that I look for when hiring staff, whether they be junior casual employees just starting in their first job or seasoned veterans wanting to take command and control as the C.O. (commanding officer).

  1. Begin with the end in mind. Stephen Covey had it right. You have got to know what you are employed to do; and what product are you there to produce. In our business, our mantra is "every game, every gamer" because our job is to create happy memories. If your staff can keep that top of mind then you've got yourself a valuable crew member. 
  2. Work as a team, and play well with others. If your business is succeeding, you succeed.
  3. Follow policy. Sure bring new ideas to the table, but make sure they’re approved by the boss before you go out on a tangent and implement them. If you hit a couple of home runs with smart ideas, your boss will lurve you.
  4. Be open to new Technology. Technology is always changing and staff who are open to learning new things are always valuable.
  5. Be one of your organization's best, most reliable referees. If you are the person whom others look to for help in running an event, if you make yourself available for shifts then you will be indispensable. On the battlefield: offer to help; jump in; ask; and make sure things go right. Don't suddenly develop "gastro" on Sunday morning after you posted a selfie on Facebook at your best mate's 21st at 3 am that morning! Go the extra mile.

That’s my two bob's (or two pennies) worth of ways to be a valuable team member at your local Battlefield LIVE operation.

Do you have any other suggestions?