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​What LARP Character Class Are You?

What LARP Character Class Are You?

Battlefield LIVE games are a type of live-action role-play in which participants physically act out scenarios, using the battlefield props, including laser tag guns and medic boxes.

nicole It is a battle LARP is a modern military simulation, rather than the traditional fantasy role-play. The "rules" system is managed by the patented system called SATR.

The game mechanics is player versus player. Players are usually divided into two teams, alpha vs bravo. You win or lose as a team.
However, the system can be configured as a free-for-all so it is every person for themselves. 

How Do You Play Battlefield LIVE? 

The way you play Battlefield LIVE, for gamers the game-play style can vary drastically.
There are some players who love the full frontal assault, run in the middle of the melee and take no prisoners style.
And then there are others who are more strategic and prefer to sniper opponents. 

Either way, the Battlefield LIVE gamers are the heroes of each scenario. Your clan victory, whether the team wins or loses depends on each gamer.  
As a live gamer, it is up to you to communicate with your team-mates. 

The CO of each session has worked hard before the event even has started to prepare the scenarios and games for you and your players, so they would love feedback from you after the session. What was the best part that you enjoyed? What, if anything, could be improved? 

When you play Battlefield LIVE you are you, not a virtual avatar, but you are playing a character. 

Imagine a critical moment in the mission. As a sane person, you would think "I know that rushing headlong into this firefight it would be really dangerous. But my character is a thrill seeker. My character will be the hero and take the domination box. So I’m going to rush in screaming!" 

That is a moment you will remember.

This is some heart-pounding action. 

What Character / Gun Class Suits You? 

Within the SATR system there are 4 gun classes: 

  • Hand Guns
  • Sub Machine Guns
  • Rifles
  • Light Machine Guns, plus 
  • In-Game Props, including Medic, Weapon, Armor & more.

Depending on the scenario gamers can also as Special Forces soldiers such as a sniper or act as a medic. They can offer other gamers a certain number of respawns or respawns for a certain timed duration. 
Later, you can boast amongst your friends about your gaming statistics.

Compare your Kill/Death (K/D) ratio, or your accuracy percentage, or how many outright Kills you got compared to your number of Wounds you inflected.